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Paul wants to be caught? - Tues 23.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 23rd April 2013
  • Paul will enjoy his surprise, regardless
  • Tony remembered the lettuce
  • Bad Tractor yard memories
  • The Ambridge Killing Fields
  • £200,000 for Pat and Tony

Paul will enjoy his surprise, regardless

[Paul] “I promise you, this is going to be something really special.”

Paul’s organised a special treat for Lilian, but won’t tell her what it is.

Selfish man.

She needs to know what shoes to wear!

[Paul] “Well it’s smart, but you need to be comfortable … I just want you looking at your best, that should be easy for you, all dolled up and ready to go. Trust me, we’re going to have the time of our lives.”

(was it just me, or was Paul being a tad creepy demanding she be at her best?)

So, Lilian brought both flats and shoes.

After a bit of a drive, Paul turns into the racecourse.

[Paul] “I told you, something really special.”

[Lilian, very disappointed. Not that Paul noticed] “You’re taking me to Felpersham races?”

As well as Felpersham Races not being particularly ‘special’, Lilian’s also desperately concerned about being seen somewhere together so local. Local people go there. It’s a local racecourse.

[Lilian] “Oh darling, I’m sorry to be such a bore, but can’t we go somewhere else?”

Paul says no. he reckons it’ll be too busy for anyone to spot them. And anyway – he’s already spent money on getting them a seat in the grandstand.

Lilian really isn’t comfortable for the rest of the day. She even paces her drinks (unheard of!). Not that Paul seems to care – he’s having a grand day out. Loving the betting, and loving being seen with Lilian.

[Paul] “I’m so proud to have you with me.”

And he kisses her.

[Lilian, furious] “This isn’t the time nor the place. Take your arm away!”

At that very moment, Andrew Eagleton (he of the BL Board) spots them, and comes over.


Lilian slightly flaps, but manages to spin a tale about Paul being a builder called Steve, who she’s with to talk business.

Andrew seems perplexed, but she manages to get him to go away. Paul reckons they got away with it, Lilian’s not so sure. She’s now terrified.

But, Paul carries on enjoying his day.

Eventually, Lilian begs him to let her leave. Though he tries to get her to drink more to settle, she wants to leave.

[Paul] “So you want us to go now, and miss the last two races?”

(what an a*se!)

[Paul] “You really are serious, aren’t you. After all the trouble I took to set this up, not to mention the expense. All because of your paranoia … To hell with Matt, can’t you think about my feelings for a change?”

[Lilian] “Paul, that’s not fair!”

[Paul] “Why do we always have to fit our lives around him?”

Erm … because you agreed to see Lilian while she was with Matt?

In fact, Paul begged to keep seeing Lilian when she thought they should end it. She has been very clear that her leaving Matt is not an option.

So what’s his issue now?

I can only assume he set today up in the hope they would be spotted, Matt would be told, Lilian would have to leave Matt (or be left by Matt), leaving her to Paul’s mercy.

What a creep.

But more fool Lilian for staying with him.

Tony remembered the lettuces


The folks getting their veg boxes will be delighted.

Bad Tractor yard memories

Pip’s car passed by Tony in the lane, while it was being towed away by the garage.

[Tony] “I still don’t get how she did that. Drove into the yard tractor .. Kids, eh, you never stop worrying.”

Interesting neither he nor Pat mentioned John when they heard a tractor yard was involved in the accident.

Must be Tom occupying their worries right now.

The Ambridge Killing Fields

Lilian’s telling Paul about Neil being shot.

[Lilian] “Everyone knows Neil, he’s a salt of the earth man, very quiet and mannered.”

But Lilian could never see Darrell as having been much use to Neil during the capture of the dogfighters.

[Lilian] “He’s a perfectly nice man, but he’s not exactly hero material.”

[Paul] “All this excitement in Ambridge, makes Watford seem like a sleepy backwater.”

[Lilian] “You take your life in yours hands when you walk through our fields, never go out alone after dark.”

[Paul] “Not without a flap jacket.”

[Lilian] “Or a bodyguard!”

£200,000 for Pat and Tony

Pat and Tony are talking to the cow selling chap about selling the cows.

Seems it’ll take a few months to organise, which Pat’s a tad perplexed about. Now they’ve decided, she wants it done and dusted quickly.

But, it seems no-one wants to buy dairy cows during silage making.

(I’ll just have to take their word for it!)

And it’ll give them more time to advertise.

With 90 milkers and 45 followers, at £1,100 to £1,200 “a life” (I like that way of putting it. Sounds like the cows are respected), Pat and Tony could raise £200,000 with the sale.

Which they’re shocked to hear. It’s far more than they hoped.

[Pat] “Well, some good news for once … It will take some of the pain out of losing the herd, and a nice lump sum towards our pension.”

Which also means the farm doesn’t have to be burdened with having to pay for them, when they do retire. So less weight on the kids. Especially Tom (actually, they didn’t even mention Helen. Seems like she doesn’t figure, these days):

[Pat] “Though right now, my guess he’d give it all to get Brenda back again.”

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caroline_venezia said...

When Paul said he wanted Lilian looking at her best, my guess had been he was going to gatecrash his ex-wife's wedding and show her off! I daresay the dates weren't right, though - has that come and gone without us hearing any more about it?