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Tom’s heartbroken, Pip’s ungrateful, Pat’s concerned - Fri 26.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 26th April 2013
  • Tony tries to lighten Tom’s load
  • Roy gives Tom no hope
  • Brookfield’s Forage Harvester is getting a greasing
  • Pip’s not reasonable about a reasonable plan
  • Pat doesn’t like visitors

Tony tries to lighten Tom’s load

Tony’s offer to do a few tasks for Tom were at first met with a polite no.

[Tony] “I may be well passed it, but I do know some of what you’re going through … so let me do this for you”

Poor Tony.

There’s not much else he can do to help Tom this time.

Roy gives Tom no hope

Tom had been trying to speak to Roy again, but was only getting his voicemail.

(methinks Roy is screening his calls?)

When Roy eventually calls back, Tom wants to meet him tonight.

[Tom] “Anything’s good for me, I;m flexible, let me buy you a drink at The Bull.”

Tom sounded desperate, Roy none too keen.

When they meet:

[Tom] “What’s going on with Brenda, how is she?”

[Roy] “She’s doing okay, you know … given the circumstances.”

[Tom] “What’s going on in her head, what does she say? Does she talk about me?”

[Roy] “She’s not saying a lot, really. Not since she moved in. She’s obviously upset and sad about it … but she’s not one for big drama. She just shuts it away and gets on with her life.”

[Tom] “Right. So, she’s not talked about any plans?”

[Roy] “Look mate, there’s no easy way to say this, but from the bits she told me, and what I know about my sister, if you had any hopes of getting back together, you just best forget about it , save you pain later. I;m sorry, but it’s better to be honest with you.”

[Tom, crushed] “Yeah, yes I see. Thanks Roy.”

[Roy] “I know it’s tough right now, but you’ll get through it.”

[Tom] “Will I?”

[Roy] “Yes. That’s what people do. It hurts, then it gets better. Then you move on.”

[Tom] “I don’t think you realise what this means to me Roy. Just a few days ago, I was happy. Secure and I thought me and Bren had a real future ahead of us, a while life. Now, suddenly it’s gone. What am I gonna do?”

Whatever it is, Tom really can’t count on Roy to be there for him. Especially not if he’s going to just pump him for information about Brenda.

Awkward …

Brookfield’s Forage Harvester is getting a greasing

Lucky Forage Harvester!

Pip’s not reasonable about a reasonable plan

David and Ruth have come up with, what they think, is a perfectly reasonable plan to help Pip with her car woes.

[Ruth] “But we’ve got to sell it to her.”

[David] “Sell it! She ought to be biting our hand off!”

David’s still furious. Ruth’s trying to push him on from blaming, back to trying to find solutions.

When Pip gets home, it’s thanks to a lift from Spencer, who had to lose an hour worth of drilling to be her free taxi service.

[David] “That’s what boyfriends are for.”

[Pip] “I can’t go on like this, I’ve got to get another car!”

When they all sit down to talk:

[Pip] “So, you going to make me an offer?”

[David] “Well, it’s more of a suggestion.”

David offers to sit down and go through the car adverts to help her find one close to her budget, then he’ll help her get a good price. And, he and Ruth will lend Pip the money to buy it, but just until the insurance pays out.

[David] “Well, that’s a fair offer, isn’t it?”

[Pip] “Dad, you just don’t understand … I’ll end up with a junk heap … some old wreck that I’ll look totally stupid in!”

[David] “Does it matter how you look?”

[Pip] “And it will be totally unreliable … I need a car that’s at least as good as the old one. In fact, I’d like one with a bigger engine.”

[David] “Bigger???”

[Ruth] “You can’t have everything, you’ll have to compromise.”

[Pip] “At this rate I’ll end up with nothing at all!”

And with that, Pip storms off. Again.

[David] “Why do I bother if this is all the thanks I get … she’s living on another planet. She expects us to wave a magic wand and bail her out!”

[Ruth] “I’m not defending the way she’s carrying on, but she does need a car she can rely on.”

[David] “I’m sorry Ruth, not after they way she’s just behaved, if she wants a better car she’ll just have to start saving for it!”

Quite right too, David.

And chuck her out, while you’re at it. We’d all appreciate the peace.

Pat doesn’t like visitors

Pat’s still worrying about whether the dairy herd should be sold at the market, or at Bridge Farm.

Though it’ll be less stress for the cows if they’re sold at the farm, Pat feels it would be too “intrusive” for her.

[Pat] “I’m not sure I could bear it.”

[Tony] “I know how you feel love, but we can’t afford to be too sentimental.”

What’s happening here then? Pat, outing herself before her cows? She really is letting go of them in every sense.

[Tom] “Dad’s right about the cows. The less stress the better.”

What what what?!? And now Tom is putting the cows before himself. Though he does reckon they’ll fetch a better price if buyers can see the whole herd together, in their home environment (well, as close to being a home as they’re likely to enjoy).

There’s odd things afoot at Bridge Farm, for sure.

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