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Josh wants chickens: Mon 15.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 15th April 2013
  • Brenda’s moving to Willow Farm
  • Roy’s chosen a side
  • Nic sets Clarrie on Emma
  • Darrell’s not playing darts
  • Josh has a proposition

Brenda’s moving to Willow Farm

Roy and Hayley are more than happy to have Brenda move in. Phoebe and Abby can share a room so that Brenda can have her own.

[Hayley] “Not if it means she can have her favourite aunt on tap!”

Roy reckons it’ll mean more work for Hayley

[Roy] “Having Brenda here, in the state she’s in.”

But Hayley reckons with them is exactly where she should be.

Later on, Roy’s managed to persuade Brenda that she needs to come to Willow Farm. Brenda didn’t want to put them to hassle:

[Roy] “She caved in under my relentless pressure … she’s obviously desperate to get away.”

So, it’s up to them to let her know when they’d be ready to have her. Hayley reckons tomorrow, Roy reckons she might need a bit longer.

(I think Brenda would move this very second, if she could)

Roy’s chosen a side

Though Roy can’t understand why Brenda doesn’t want kids (she seems to adore Bethany and his kids), and Tom is one of his best mates, he’s decided Brenda comes first.

[Roy] “I want Brenda to think she can’t talk to us without it going back to Tom.”

So, sister before mate. Which is fair enough. Though Roy is also quite cross with Tom.

[Roy] “What did he do to drive her to it?”

[Hayley] “Roy, don’t blame Tom. From the sound of it he’s in bits.”

[Roy] “I don’t really … I suppose it’s a knee jerk reaction, protecting my sister.”

Ah – this may get tricky. As Roy pointed out, a breakup doesn’t ‘just’ affect the couple concerned. It affects everyone around them.

Nic sets Clarrie on Emma

[Nic] “I did thing she was a bit funny with me. Maybe I was just imaging it … I thought we were getting on better these days, and I don’t know why she wouldn’t be pleased.”

[Clarrie] “She’s really upset you, hasn’t she?”

Nic’s telling Clarrie about Emma’s reaction to being told about her and Will’s baby. Emma was sarcastic and far from delighted, now Nic is worried her baby will “makes things difficult again”.

(though it is Emma being the baby)

The thought terrifies Clarrie. Just when everything had seem to settle down between her sons.

Not to worry. Clarrie will sort it out.

Darrell’s not playing darts

So has let Neil down for the game against the Duck n Drake.

[Neil] “Anyway, it can’t be helped. It’s only a game.”

Hmmm … is Darrell still up that dodgy stuff with the dodgy Des bloke?

Josh has a proposition

Josh has called a meeting with Hayley and Neil to discuss the eggs.

He’s heard from Phoebe that Neil and Hayley have been thinking about selling the egg ‘business’ (I always thought it was just a shed out the back, selling a wee clutch of eggs?!?).

If that’s the case, Josh would like to buy it. He has the savings, he has the passion, he has the space for the hen houses at Bridge Farm.

[Neil] “Your mum and dad have agreed to this?”

No. But Josh will talk to them if it’s a goer.

[Hayley] “It’s very enterprising of you.”

[Neil] “But, there’s a bit more to this business than taking care of the hens.”

Deliveries, marketing (and the like).

[Neil] “Don’t think you’re a bit young to be taking that all on yourself?”

Josh reckons not (actually, he is 16 this year). And he’s been researching new ideas and new markets.

[Josh] “You are taking me seriously?”

Yes, they reckon they are, but they need time to think.

Once Josh leaves:

[Hayley] “I just hate to disappoint him, but we’re going to have to.”

Neil reckons that as well as Josh not being able to drive (to do deliveries), he need to concentrate on school. Though he does applaud his attitude.

[Neil] “That lad is going places.”

[Hayley] “We’ll have to let him down gently.”

After Hayley had told Roy:

[Roy] “Pip better watch out, her brother’s coming up fast on the inside.”

(Quite agree with you Roy. I’ve been saying that for months!)

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