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Pip’s moved onto fibbing: Wed 17.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 17th April 2013
  • Brenda moves out
  • No chickens for Josh
  • Pip’s lying
  • Tom’s depressed
  • Neil has a plan
  • Helen’s second date went well
  • Brenda wants to be friends

Brenda moves out

Tom gets home to find Brenda getting her stuff ready to move to Willow Farm.

[Brenda] “So all of this will be out your way, when you get back.”

[Tom] “I’ll just have an empty house.”

Poor Tom.

No chickens for Josh

Neil calls round to tell Josh he and Hayley’s decision about Josh buying the chicken business.

[Josh] “No. Really?”

Though Neil and Hayley were impressed by Josh’s ambition, they think the egg business would be too much for him which he still has school to finish.

[Neil] “Why take the risk. There’s no rush … We might be able to hold off for a couple of years, then if you were still interested, we could consider your offer again.”

Josh wants it now, now, now …

[Josh] “I’m not going to give up Neil.”

Good on ya!

Brookfield must surely be heading Josh’s way …

… though if he tries to demand a lift from David as he did today, it might all fall to Ben!

Pip’s lying

David’s asking Pip whether she can help him sort through the lambs tomorrow.

She at first puts him off, then calls him later to say that she has to work late, then early and late again, at Uni to prepare for placements interviews.

David’s impressed that she’s trying so hard.

He wouldn’t be as impressed to find out that Pip was lying. She’s actually off to London with Spencer.

Bad, bad Pip!

Tom’s depressed

Seems Tom has had a great response to his ready meals from a range of retailers.

But, he’s doing nothing about it.

[Tom] “It did seem important once. Can’t think why now.”

[Pat] “Oh Tom, you can’t think like that.”

Pat offers for Tom to come and stay at Home Farm for a few days.

[Tom] “Thanks mum, but I’ve got to face being on my own sometime. I might as well start now.”

Oh dear.

Neil has a plan

Neil has been to see the Community Police Liaison person to talk about dog fighting. Without mentioning who, where and when, Neil was able to glean that the Police have already heard about dog fighting in the area, and have been working with the RSPCA to track it down.

[Neil] “It’s much ,more sensible for you to go the Police first, tell them what you know.”

But, Darrell’s worried he’ll be implicated (as he should, in my opinion), and could go to prison again (as he should!).

[Neil] “Suppose you do agree to help with the next dog fight … you scarper and tip off the Police.”

Darrell’s always worried about Des and co then finding out it was he who grassed them up.

Good god Darrell – grow a pair!

Thank goodness Neil knows right from wrong.

Helen’s second date went well

[Pat] “He took her out to a lovely restaurant and it was a great success. It’s nice one of my children’s love life if going well.”

(ouch! Pat said that to Brenda, but then apologised for being rude)

Brenda wants to be friends

With Pat and Tony.

She’s round seeing Pat to explain why she’s broken Tom’s heart.

Brenda reckons Tom needs a partner in every sense of the word, including the business. Someone who “can get involved” (i.e. actually give a monkeys!).

[Pat] “I think he’d settle for you.”

Brenda also explains her lack of desire for kids.

[Pip] “It’s a big thing, even these days, for a woman to say she doesn’t want children.”

[Brenda] “It seems hard for people to hear it. I knew you’d understand.”

[Pat] “I think I do.”

[Brenda] “You’ve always been such a  good friend to me, and a role model.”

Brenda looked up to Pat rather than her own mum, who was rather traditional.

She hopes she can still see Pat ad Tony.

[Pat] “It’s going to take time, Brenda.”

[Brenda] “To forgive me?”

[Pat] “To grieve. We all need time to mourn what could have been.”

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