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Pip drives a car into the yard tractor – Mon 22.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 22nd April 2013
  • Ruth’s still doing Pip’s washing
  • Neil’s much admired
  • Pip’s an amateur
  • Pat’s got no sympathy
  • Pip’s a car crash (quite literally)

Ruth’s still doing Pip’s washing

Therein lies part of the problem, methinks. As does David.

Pip soon has her work placement interview.

[Ruth] “Pip wants some clean stuff for Wednesday, she’s worried about what to wear.”

[David] “It’s her attitude that counts.”

[Ruth] “At least I’ll make sure she has some clean clothes to wear.”

[David] “She’ll be back home soon, she can do it herself!”

Neil’s much admired

[David] “Neil Carter, our local, have a go hero crime fighter.”

[Ruth] “Aw look, with his sling.”

[David] “I can’t believe how modest he is about it … if it was up to me he’d get  a statue on the green … could just have easily been one of our barns.”

Pip’s an amateur

She hasn’t learned the basics of being where you shouldn’t be … leave no evidence!

As Ruth gets Pip’s clothes ready for washing, a cinema stub for Leicester Square falls out. For the day she claimed she had to do work  at Uni, rather than help out with the lambs.


[David] “So all that stuff she told us … it was all a pack of lies!”

Pat’s got no sympathy

[Pat] “He’s got to get over this Tony, if we’re changing our business.”

[Tony] “Now isn’t the time to lose faith in him.”

Though she obviously cares that Tom and Brenda have split up, she’s completely focused on selling the dairy herd. Decision has been made, now they need to crack on.

Harsh for a mother, though.

Though Pat seems to mellow when she hears from others that they’re sorry to hear Tom and Brenda are no more.

[Pat] “She always thought Tom and Brenda such a solid couple. Poor Tom. He’s devastated.”

And Tony reminds her that Tom will need time, whether the dairy cows need sold now, or not.

[Tony] “So, we’ll just have to do our best to help him through it .”

[Pat] “That’s the trouble. I don’t think there’s much we can do.”

So, when Pat and Tony tried to late talk to Tom about the sale of the dairy cows, Tom doesn’t seem to be very responsive.

He just wants them to deal with seeing the dairy cow sales chaps, Rodways.

[Tom] “I don’t have that much head space right now.”

[Pat] “I don’t suppose there’s much more we can do, but if there is …”

Pip’s a car crash (quite literally)

Faced with the evidence that she was in London rather than Uni, Pip’s very considered and mature response was:

[Pip] “So what if I was!!!”

She reckons she just forgot to tell David and Ruth. And that it was a last minute decision.

Poor show Pip, poor show.

[David] “I don’t care if it was planned or not, how could you do that Pip, how could you be that dishonest?”

[Pip] “Hey, wow, there’s no need to start shouting at me … dad, face it, I’m not a child anymore, I’m allowed to think for myself.”

[David] “Then why can’t you start behaving like a responsible adult rather than a spoilt and selfish ten year old?”

[Pip] “You cannot say that to me!”

[David] “I can, because it’s true.”

(well said, David. What a petulant child that Pip is)

So, Pip storms away. Into her car. With David following, and still bawling, after her.

Pip speeds away.

[David] “Look out!”

Pip drives straight into the yard tractor, at speed. Though how she didn’t see or hear the yard tractor, I do  not know. If we heard the reversing ‘peeps’ quite clearly.

After the crash, Pip’s crying for her mum. David doesn’t seem to give a hoot.

[David] “She’s fine, lucky for her.”

[Pip] “Oh mum, look at my car!”

David tries to berate Pip for not looking where she was going, and for driving too fast. But she’s still only thinking of her car (not the yard tractor, mind).

[Pip] “Oh look at it, I can’t bear it.”

But just as quickly, Pip tries to shift the blame.

[Pip] “You think dad’s right don’t you, that it was my fault!”

[David, still not caring that his eldest was nearly killed by a yard tractor, a la John Archer) “Good news is the tractor’s fine, and the feed wagon … both front wheels are skewed.”

[Ruth] “David, she’s had quite a shock.”

[David] “Alright, I know, and I feel for her.”

[Ruth] “Really?”

[David] “Yes, but we’re lucky it wasn’t a whole lot worse, and she’s only got herself to blame.”

[Ruth] “It was nobody’s fault … it was just an accident.”

David reckons not. It wasn’t an accident. It was Pip’s fault entirely.

[Ruth] “Okay, but this isn’t helping,. Can’t we just be grateful that neither of us was hurt.”

Course, now Pip has no car, she be now be dependent on trains and taxis.

[David] “If she hadn’t told those lies in the first place … then gone and lost her temper, none of this would have happened.”


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