Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Neil’s alive! – Sun 21.04.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 21st April 2013
  • Tom still calls out to Brenda
  • Roy’s not much of a mate
  • Neil’s fine
  • Elona’s furious

Tom still calls out to Brenda

Tom woke up this morning when the alarm went off, and automatically called out for Brenda to shut it off.

Says why he’s now single, in my opinion …

Roy’s not much of a mate

Roy has said that he’s siding with Brenda, but he’s as yet to tell Tom.

So, Tom does a ‘I need to talk, mate’ type call to Roy. He only gets his answering machine.

[Tom] “Hi Roy … erm … I dunno if you’re around today, if you’re not working that is, maybe we could meet up later, just for a chat. Nothing urgent.”

Later on, Tom’s texting Roy.

Roy’s ignoring Tom.

[Hayley] “What I’ve heard, he’s taking it hard.”

[Roy] “It’s a bit awkward for me … I’ve got to think of Brenda first. I don’t want to get too involved, not if I can help it.”

Later on still, Tom and Roy bump into each other. So, no escape for Roy.

[Tom] “I was just wondering how things were, with Brenda? … I mean, how is she in herself? I’ve tried texting and calling, but she’s not getting back to me.”

[Roy] “She’s still pretty upset Tom. She’s not saying much about it, dealing with it in her own way
I know you must be suffering mate.”

[Tom] “Yea, I won’t pretend, it’s been tough … I keep thinking back, what did I do, how I let it all go so wrong, and wishing I could go back and do things differently. And it’s all happened so fast, I wasn’t ready for it, I had no idea it was coming.”

[Roy] “But when you think about it, this is going to be the worst time. It can only get better from here.”

[Tom] “Better?”

[Roy] “It’s going to take a while, of course.”

[Tom] “I can’t see that far ahead. Roy. I still can’t believe it’s happened … I wake up in the morning and for a moment, I forget. All I want is to have her back again.”

Oh dear.

Tom’ really hurting, but even one of his best mates isn’t there for him.

Neil’s fine

So, Neil’s not dead. Hurrah!

But Susan is not amused. Booo.

[Neil] “The doctor said it’s clean, just a flesh wound.”

[Susan] “I don’t know what you were playing at, chasing around like you are Rambo or something … and dogfighters, I mean …”

[Neil] “I should’ve been more careful.”

[Susan] “Didn’t it cross your mind that these men are thugs and are violent?”

[Neil] “You don’t stop to think. Not in those kind of situations.”

[Susan] “Some of us don’t, that’s for certain. Honestly, I spent enough time in hospital with Christopher, then to sit all night with you while they dig bullets out of your shoulder.”

[Neil] “It wasn’t bullets, it was no.4 shot pellet.”

[Susan] “I don’t know how I’m supposed to do my work with one arm.”

[Susan] “Well you should have thought about that sooner … it’s just, whenever I think of what might have happened… I still go cold all over.”

[Neil] “So, try not to.”

[Susan] “I’m just so glad I got you back again.”

When Roy pops round:

[Roy] “If it was me, I’d be running fast the other way.”

[Neil] “Don’t say this to Susan, but I’d probably do the same again … these people, they’re the scum of the earth.”

Seems they didn’t get Des … which is a bit worrying. Though more for Darrell than for Neil.

[Roy] “It was quite a brave thing he did, aren’t you just a little bit proud of him?”

Susan admits it …

Elona’s furious

Boy, is she ever!

She’s shouting at Darrell for being so “stupid”.

[Elona] “Stupid and thoughtless and mad.”

Darrell has tried to deny that he had anything to do with the dogfighting, but had to give up that particular lie as Elona wasn’t having it.

[Darrell] “I told you, Des put the screws on me, I couldn’t say no.”

[Elona] “Don’t bother. I know the truth. I don’t what to hear it … all those lies, all those promised, you are just so weak. If someone offers you money, you just don’t stop to think, you just take it … I think if anyone deserves to get shot, it was you, not Neil!”


Darrell begs (again) for forgiveness, and tells Elona that there’s no need to worry about him being getting in trouble with the law as there’s nothing to hold against him.

Unless they catch Des.

And Des grasses up Darrell.

[Elona] “How could you put us all at risk? What kind of a husband and father would do a thing like that.”

Quite right too Elona.

For being so dense, and for actually allowing a dog fight to even happen, Darrell did deserve to take the bullet.


Ralph Corderoy said...

Darrell did deserve to take the bullet

It wasn't a bullet, it was number four shot pellet. ;-)

Inga McVicar said...

Fair do :)

caroline_venezia said...

But don't you feel at least a bit sorry for Darrell? He didn't want to get involved, in my view he just succumbed because of the pressure Elona was constantly putting on him.

Inga McVicar said...

Yes and no ...

Yes, I feel sorry for Darrell beacuse of the pressure from Elona.

But no.

Never an excuse for having anything to do with dog-fighting.

The lad needs to grow a pair!