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Brenda’s for the cows: Fri 22.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 22nd March 2013
  • Tony’s hiding by the window
  • Henry’s a bad wee boy
  • Bridge Farm needs John
  • The WI has changed guest speaker
  • Pat’s just about better company than a vacuum cleaner
  • Brenda chooses cows over Tom
  • Lilian’s being rude to Brenda

Tony’s hiding by the window

Well, it is early in the morning. So I suppose it’s as good a place to hide as any.

Though he was actually contemplating.

[Pat] “Either come back to bed, or make yourself useful and get me a cup of tea.”

Tony was thinking about what the yard would look like without the cows gathering there, ready for milking. As they’ve been doing for 35 years.

[Tony] “I can’t imagine it. There’s nothing like bringing a new calf into the world.”

[Pat, rather sleepy] “I wish we still had that teas maid.”

Tony remembers Jim, who used to be the tenant at Bridge Farm. Seems he kept his roll ups under his cap, and had a dodgy eye. And how he himself used to be partner at Willow Farm.

It’s always been about the cows.

[Tony] “They’re my life. They represent decades of hard work.”

[Pat] “Why should we get rid of them just because Tom’s had an idea…they’re fantastic animals, they’re strong, healthy, their organic credentials are impeccable.”

[Tony] “The cows give this farm it’s daily rhythm, it’s purpose.”

[Pat] “Tom can’t grasp intangibles like that. He’s so, well, pragmatic, the polite world. He comes up with these major decisions he’s already concluded on his own, in advance, and then treats us like idiots if we don’t immediately agree with them … he’s got an agenda … he’s riding roughshod over us, he thinks he knows it all, but we’re the ones with experience. He should be listening to us.”

[Tony] “Fat chance.”

Pat’s right.

Tony’s right.

Tom’s wrong.

Henry’s a bad wee boy

He’s snatching toys again from Keira, and making her cry.

[Helen] “He pretty well alienated all the parents in here, now he’s working on the children.”

He does sound terrible. Helen’s even worried he’ll “thump” one of the other children when he doesn’t get his way.

Emma wonders aloud if Helen’s thinking of having another. Helen’s appalled at the idea of bringing another Henry into the world.

[Emma] “He’s so cute.”

[Helen] “He’s also a little horror … He’s being a right little thug … it’s not as if I stuff him full of additives and fizzy drinks. Can you imagine what he’d be like if I did. You’re lucky, Keira’s so good … to think I used to be so judgemental of people who couldn’t control their toddlers.”

But Emma reckons it’s just the terrible twos.

Or, is Henry destined to be a thug through and through?

Bridge Farm needs John

Emma was telling Helen about how terrified Chris’ accident had been.

[Emma] “Imagine if we’d lost him … I’m so sorry, that was thoughtless of me.”

Helen tells Emma that she feels she could share things with John that she can’t seem to with Tom.

I’ve said it before.

The wrong brother died.

The WI has changed guest speaker

It’s now going to be someone speaking on ‘My son and me’.

[Pat] “It’ll be more interesting that the history of the British postal stamp.”

[Brenda] “Oh life’s too short!”

Pat’s just about better company than a vacuum cleaner

[Brenda] “I didn’t fancy vaccing the house, so I came here instead.”

How rude!

Brenda chooses cows over Tom

Pat mentions to Brenda that she and Tony have had a set-to with Tom. Again.

Brenda assumes it’s about the ready meals. Again.

[Pat] “Not the gourmet meals, that is so last century. He wants us to get rid of the cows.”

[Brenda] “You are joking … that’s lunacy. The cows are fundamental to Bridge Farm!”

Pat’s overjoyed to hear Brenda say that. And Brenda is embarrassed by Tom.

[Brenda] “I’m so sorry.”

[Pat] “It’s not your fault … but it confirms my thinking. He’s in his own little world at the moment, he doesn’t take any of us into account.”

[Tony] “I thought he cared about everything we’ve built up here.”

[Brenda] “That’s just awful.”

When Tom got home later, Brenda was waiting for him (with an anger to spark an aga):

[Tom] “I wanted to share the possibility with them, that’s all. It’s just a bit of blue sky thinking.”

[Brenda] “So, you just sat them down, and POW between the eyes … why do you keep doing this. They’re totally shell shocked. You can’t keep belittling them and undermining them, just show them some respect … they’re really, really hurt …”

And, Brenda asked, why didn’t he talk to her (he usually bores her rigid with his ideas).

[Tom “I’m trying not to talk shop with you because it gets on your nerves.”

[Brenda] “It’s a life change, one you seem to think you can foist on them under the guise of blue sky thinking.”

[Tom] “She has been working on you, hasn’t she?”

[Brenda] “What’s that supposed to mean?”

[Tom] “She’s only told you her side of the argument.”

[Brenda] “That you’re casually dismantling their lives!”

[Tom] “The milking early killed my dad. He’s 62 and one day deserves to retire. It’s not a conversation I could go on putting off, alright!”

[Brenda] “But it’s your timing Tom. They’re still reeling from your last announcement on the pork.”

Which, Brenda reckons, Tom forced on Pat and Tony by bamboozling them with stats and figures.

[Brenda] “Organic is an article of faith for them … You need to discuss things with them properly, not just present them with ultimatums.”

[Tom] “They were pioneers once, but now they seem they can’t open their minds to anything new … they’re so fixed. I feel absolutely shattered after yesterday, it was so stressful … They’re so subjective, and they still treat me like a child.”

[Brenda] “That’s what you really believe … what if it’s not progress, what if it’s just dismantling all Bridge Farm stands for, for your own ends, to prove you’re not them. You want to destroy all they’ve built up, and you don’t give a damn the effect it has on them. If you drive your dad to another heart attack, I hope you think it was worth.”

[Tom] “I’m trying to secure a future for the farm. It’s our future, isn’t it? Am I the only one who can see that!”

And he storms off.

Oh dear.

Reckons this is the proper start of the end of Tom and Brenda.

Unless he has a personality transplant.

Lilian’s being rude to Brenda

Matt gave Brenda the morning off, in lieu of working late the day before.

But, he didn’t tell Lillian. Who sent a text to Brenda saying “where the hell are you?”

[Pat] “Charming!”

[Brenda] “Well that’s polite, believe me.”

[Tony] “She never has had any manners, my sister.”

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