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Chris gets worse: Thurs 07.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 7th March 2013
  • Chris needs a machine to breathe
  • 8 hours in Amsterdam
  • Freddie isn’t talking
  • The business must go on
  • The Trustees don’t sound convinced
  • Elizabeth’s lonely

Chris needs a machine to breathe

Seems Chris’ operation went well, but he’s still critical.

[Shula] “As I say, it’s still very precarious.”

Susan calls Neil from the hospital, very upset.

[Susan] “They’re saying Christopher’s breathing, his lung function, it’s deteriorating. Neil, it’s not working, he’s getting worse.”

When Neil gets to the hospital, Chris is on a machine to help him breathe.

[Susan] “He’s not getting enough oxygen.”

Which could lead to organ failure.

We leave Susan and Neil crying together …

8 hours in Amsterdam

Alice is now on her way home, but it’s the long way round. Including a rather long stopover in Amsterdam.

[Elizabeth] “She must be going through hell.”

Yes, that would be a fair assumption indeed.

After Neil had spoken to Alice while she was on her way to the airport:

[Neil] “She was trying to sound calm, but I could tell how distressed she is.”

Freddie isn’t talking

[Elizabeth] “I just want to be able to tell him Christopher will be fine, but I can’t.”

Seems Freddie is deeply upset about being there when Chris was kicked by a horse. But he’s clammed up.

And he’s not turning up for his riding lessons.

[Elizabeth] “With Freddie, he really buries his feelings deep.”

[Shula] “Now, who does he remind me of … mum’s had her worries about you for exactly the same reason. All she can do is be patient.”

Poor Freddie.

His therapy bill when he gets older will be enormous.

The business must go on

Neil has managed to get Chris’ computer password from Alice, so can get into his schedule and contact all of his customers.

[Neil] “I need to get on top of things for Christopher’s sake.”

Neil working on Chris’ business means he can’t get to the hospital:

[Susan] “It’s so much better when you’re there.”

[Neil, nearly crying] “I have to do this so that Christopher will have a business to get back to, once he’s better again.”

Later on, Ronnie (Chris’ old boss) agrees to keep things ticking over.

But, this could be yet another nail in Chris being able to stay in Ambridge, if (if) he gets better. If he had no business, what would he need to stay for (apart from his friends, family, liking it in Ambridge, etc etc etc).

The Trustees don’t sound convinced

Elizabeth has to pitch at the Trustees to go ahead and sell land, to then finance the dairy conversion.

The Trustees are worried Elizabeth is taking on too much, and won’t be able to deliver. And that there’s too much competition for the wedding market (including Grey Gables). And, they’re also worried it’s too big a financial commitment for Lower Loxley to cope with.

[Trustee woman] “We need to be sure you son’s inheritance won’t be whittled away financial unviable schemes.”

[Elizabeth] “I need to make sure the business will sustain his development.”

I  think Elizabeth has a point that the land isn’t important to Lower Loxley, so why not sell.

But I also wouldn’t be convinced the wedding market is strong enough (even when coupled with more conventions). Weddings are nowadays a luxury, not an essential.

Elizabeth’s lonely

Shula has been clearing out some of Bunty’s belongings. Including photos of Mark when he was a child.

(seems though Mark looked like a nice wee choir boy cherub, his position as a choir boy was terminated when he was caught smoking)

Shula found it quite traumatic to see Mark and his possessions again:

[Shula] “How can a few old photos and LPs have that effect?”

Though Shula realises it’s probably worse for Elizabeth, with Lower Loxley being quintessentially Nigel:

[Shula] “It must be incredibly hard for you., You’re permanently surround by Nigel’s things.”

Though Elizabeth thinks it’s a nice thing to be remembered of Nigel (and his capers):

[Elizabeth] “Sometimes they just make me remember of how lonely I feel.”

Aye well … that’s where Ifty comes into it!

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