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Brenda stands up Tom: Thurs 28.03.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 28th March 2013
  • Lilian’s lost the plan
  • Cassandra or Bethany?
  • What’s Ifty’s end of term treat?
  • Topical insert … the clocks are going forward
  • Alistair tries to turn Ifty
  • Bethany has a cough
  • Alistair spots Ifty’s twinkle

Lilian’s lost the plan

[Brenda] “Lilian has been unbearable … I mean, she’s always been annoying, but she’s never been incompetent. I’ve just about had enough.”

Seems Lilian’s ‘lost’ some plans somewhere.

Left at Paul’s, would be a safe bet.

Cassandra or Bethany?

[Tom] “You’re not going to believe what I’ve done … did you know Cassandra Lopez is on at the Concert Hall in Felpersham tonight?”

Seems Brenda did. And wanted to go. But it was sold out.


Tom’s been thinking of Brenda (for once), and managed to get two returns.

Brenda’s over the moon.


She promised to go round Vicky’s to help with Bethany, while Mike is working late.

[Brenda] “I’ll probably miss the support act, but I should be there for Cassandra.”

[Tom] “I went to a lot of effort to get these tickets.”

But Brenda is off to Vicky’s.

She’ll only be an hour or so late …

What’s Ifty’s end of term treat?

A point of larger and a packet of peanuts at The Bull.

(hmmm … Ifty sounds like a hunk, but is he a tad dull?)

What’s more:

[Ifty] “I’ve got 16 Easter eggs in my boot.”

Rock n’ roll!

Topical insert … the clocks are going forward

[Alistair] “And I for one am glad the clocks have gone forward.”

Cheers for the reminder, Alistair.

Alistair tries to turn Ifty

I kid you not.

[Alistair] “Ah go on, come and join Ambridge.”

[Ifty] “I have to say, I am begging to feel a real affinity for the village.”

But, as we all know, Ifty’s interested in more than just joining Ambridge’s cricket team.

Bethany has a cough

When Brenda gets to Vicky’s, she finds Vicky in a flap, and Bethany with a cough.

[Brenda] “She’s a bit pink and a bit wheezy.”

When Mike gets back in, he gets Brenda to run a hot bath, with the door shut. He’s going for the steam treatment.

[Mike] “Right, young Bethany, you’re going to be fine, aren’t you.”

Yes, she was. Mike’s steam did the trick.

Tom calls to check in Brenda’s on her way to the gig. He’s there, in an “electric atmosphere”.

Brenda says she can’t come.

[Tom] “If she’s alright, then you can leave her, surely?”

[Brenda] “No sorry … it’s been a  shock for them. Especially Vicky. I need to support her and dad.”

[Tom] “This is ridiculous. You should be here with me!”

But Brenda just says she’ll see him later.

(Bethany over Cassandra AND Tom. Blimey!)

When Brenda gets home:

[Brenda] “She’s so little Tom, and you can’t ask her what’s wrong. It was horrible. But she’s okay, thank goodness.”

Tom says sorry for sounding uncaring, And he reckons Brenda didn’t miss much – Cassandra wasn’t all she was billed to be.

[Tom] “We can do something next week. So, what do you fancy doing?”

[Brenda] “Sorry Tom, I’m really tired … I’m going to go to bed.”

Bethany aside, Brenda really (really) isn’t interested in Tom.

I give them months rather than years …

Alistair spots Ifty’s twinkle

Again, I kid you not …

[Ifty] “Elizabeth’s invited me over for a social visit.”

[Alistair] “Ah, I see, you’ve been spending a lot of time over there …”

Ifty explains that he and Elizabeth, and the kids, had a marvelous day out at the Science Museum.

[Alistair] “And you haven’t stopped thinking about her since … do you think you two could become more than friends?”

[Ifty] “Is this an interrogation?”

[Alistair] “No, more of a friendly enquiry. Well?”

[Ifty] “Perhaps, let’s wait and see.”

When Alistair is later having tea with Shula (tea sounds like an especially scrumptious lamb stew, with the lamb having come from Brookfield):

[Alistair] “I think he’s taken a bit of shine to the village. And one or two of the locals as well … Elizabeth … if you ask me, they’ve got what is known as a burgeoning friendship.”

[Shula] “You’re being ridiculous. Elizabeth is still grieving. She isn’t nearly ready for another relationship.”

[Alistair] “I’m sure Iftikar had a twinkle in his eye when I mentioned her name.”

[Shula] “I’m sure it’s one sided. He's not really Elizabeth’s type, is he?”

[Alistair] “Whatever you say …”

Surely Shula can’t have an issue with Elizabeth and Ifty?

If she did – is it’s because it’s too soon?

Or, did Shula a tad racist …? Was her issue with Usha actually about Usha, rather than Usha’s religion?



caroline_venezia said...

I always assumed it was Usha herself. Racism - and/or jealousy? Why did Shula scupper Usha's previous relationship, do you think?

Inga McVicar said...

It's a tricky one. I'm not sure. But I've never believed it was 'just' religious differences.