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Chris being hurt is all about Alice: Fri 15.03.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 15th March 2013
  • Alice just thinks of Alice
  • Darrell has a sack truck
  • Darrell has the key
  • Alice still to go to Canada?

Alice just thinks of Alice

Chris is talking, albeit very groggily, to Alice.

He’ll be getting off intensive care today into a ward.

[Chris] “I’ll be pleased to get out of here. Everyone’s so ill.”

[Alice] “Well it is intensive care.”

Alice chats about how he is feeling (chest hurts like hell, knackered, had some mashed up stuff to eat this morning).

[Chris] “It could be worse.”

Alice seemed to be just biding her time until she could talk about herself again …

[Alice] “Chris, there’s something I need to day, about the accident. I’m worried that it was my fault … I know you weren’t happy when I left, it must have been horrible for you, it was horrible for me.”

Alice wants to know whether Chris was distracted because of Alice going to the interview in Canada.

[Chris] “Alice, yeah, you’re right. I hated you going. But, what happened with the horse, that was down to me. I can’t blame anyone else.”

[Alice] “That’s very generous of you.”

[Chris] “I could see she was lively, but I thought I could get away with it.”

[Alice] “It was terrible that it happened, but I’m so relieved you don’t blame me. I just want us to be able to pick things back up again, don’t you?”

Chris said exactly what Alice wanted to hear. That it was his fault, not hers.

What a nerve that madam has!

When Alice later has a chat with Amy, she’s again going on about Alice, rather than Chris.

Amy reckons it’s natural to feel guilty, but Alice seems to be more worried about other folks saying it was all her fault. And now, she thinks she’s damaged her and Chris forever:

[Alice] “It’s like there’s a sheet of plastic between us, it’s awful. I just want thinks to be back to the way we were.”

[Amy] “Of course you want everything to be back to normal like magic, but it’s early days … all his energy now needs to be focused on getting better. You can’t too much of him emotionally. He won’t have a lot to give for a while. You need to do all of the giving.”

Well said, Amy.

Alice needs to stop thinking just about Alice for once.

Darrell has a sack truck

That’s handy.

Darrell has the key

Darrell’s onto the last room to decorate at Home Farm. Brian’s office.

It’s light grey on the walls, dark grey on the woodwork. Or, Lava and Graphite, according to Jennifer.

[Jennifer] “A little austere for my taste, but that’s how Brian wants it.”

Darrell also has to take down a key cabinet. So he has to have the key to open it.

Remember that key …

Darrell also takes the opportunity to ask Jennifer if she has any cleaning or home help work going.

[Jennifer] “But you’re a  skilled tradesman!”

He’s asking for Elona.

[Jennifer] “Patsy covers all I need in that department.”

Then Des calls to see if Darrell has made a decision about his rather dodgy sounding “sporting evening”, which Des wants to hold in a barn at Home Farm. Without Home farm knowing.

Darrell still isn’t happy about it, but the thought of being able to make hundreds out of the arrangement seems to be swaying him.

And now he has the key to let Des in.

Oh dear.

Alice still to go to Canada?

With Chris ever improving, Jennifer feels it’s safe to ask Alice about how her interview went.

“Really well” was Alice’s response.

[Alice] “In fact, that’s my other news … they offered me the job.”

[Jennifer] “Oh, well it’s lovely they wanted you, it’s a real feather in your cap.”

So, Jennifer assumes Alice won’t, of course, even consider taking the job.


[Alice] “I said there was no way I could give them an answer now.”

[Jennifer] “Oh, I see …”

Alice has asked for a month to decide, which the Canadians have given her.

That Alice really is unbelievable.

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