Saturday, 2 March 2013

Alice is off to Canada*: Fri 01.03.13

*for the interview

The Archers Friday 1st March 2013

  • Alice and Pip are such girls!
  • Anne Franks’ house
  • Alice makes her choice
  • The Tractor project begins
  • Just tell Pip to move out!
  • Why are Ambridge residents turning bad?

Alice and Pip are such girls!

They can’t even change a wheel between them. So called the car rescue folks instead.

Mind you – it could have been the burger van. Which would then be fair enough indeed.

Anne Franks’ house

Pip was bragging about her recent trips to Alice. From skiing, to Amsterdam.

[Pip] “One day, we nearly got up early enough to queue for the Anne Frank’s house. You can’t go to Amsterdam without going there, can you?”

Well – I managed it. I had wanted to go, but the friend I was with was insistent we visited almost every coffee shop instead for the … ahem … great coffee …

Alice makes her choice

Without talking to Chris.

Earlier on, with Pip:

[Pip] “The thing about somewhere like that is it really makes you think. We’re so lucky to be able to do what we want.”

[Alice, wistfully] “Yeah. We are …”

That seems to have helped Alice make her mind up about the interview in Canada.

She has “something to tell” Chris (never a good sign when someone says that)

[Alice] “Can you please just listen to me and not kick off … I’ve decided to go to the interview. And I’ve booked the time off work and the return flights to Vancouver.”

Chris is stunned. He thought she was giving him time to think, before they decided (together) if she should go for the interview.

[Chris] “Instead you go behind my back and do this.”

[Alice] “I just snapped … It might not come to anything but I don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

[Chris] “But what about what I want?”

[Alice] “But it could easily be what we both want.”

[Chris] “I can’t see myself living in a city. My friends are here, my family, my business …”

[Alice] “It’s much more equal … you'll  be respected, instead of being treated by some people like a servant.”

[Chris] “None of it makes any sense. Not for me. You’re just thinking about yourself.”

[Alice] “I might regret it for the rest of my life, and I don’t want to live with what ifs.”


The Tractor project begins

Ed’s brought the tractor back to Clarrie, Eddie and Joe’s. It’ll be a family affair.

[Eddie] “Let’s get that tarp off. Let the dog see the rabbit!”


Eddie’s not daft when it comes to fixing things up to sell on. He reckons Ed needs to do a bit of research first to see how best to restore the tractor to get the best price.

Too little work on it, they won’t get their money back.

Too much, it might devalue it. Seems folks like to buy them and do them up themselves – it’s half the fun. Though they have spotted a dealer badge on it, which adds value (allegedly).

[Eddie] “You need to do your homework before you get cracking on it.”

Jazzer wasn’t around to start work (he was already in enough trouble from Tom for taking the time away from the pigs to collect the tractor). Clarrie and Eddie reckoned Ed owed him a great deal, and should thank him for finding the tractor in the first place.

But, Clarrie has spotted that all is not well between Jazzer and Ed. And she’s suspicious about the price they paid for it.

[Clarrie] “Your dad thought it was very cheap, what you paid.”

Ed covers for Jazzer, and says the widow wanted rid.

But Clarrie knows.

She always does.

Just tell Pip to move out!

Pip was in a rush to get out of Brookfield, so upset a pile of dry washing when trying to find her skinny jeans.

Ruth asked her to stack them back up neatly – if they’re properly folded when they’re still warm, it’ll make Ruth’s ironing more easy. But Pip “hasn’t got time” to do that.

Which tips Ruth away from her decision to go soft on Pip. She even comes out with the “you’re treating this place like a hotel” line.

[Ruth] “I can’t do everything on me own.”

It then turns into a full scale row.

[Pip] “Can we please stop with the third degree. I’m 20!”

[Ruth] “I know full well how old you are!”

Pip then tells Ruth her own life story.

That she’d left home after her A levels. Lived on a Kibbutz. Lived with a  friend when she came back to the UK. Then went to College.

[Ruth] “Thanks for the potted history!”

Pip’s point is that Ruth wouldn’t have had to check in with her mum all the way through that.

[Ruth] “It was different in those days …”

(erm, I don’t get that. Or does Ruth just mean that the world was a safer place? Or that texts didn’t exist then?)

[Pip] “I’d just be pleasing myself … and you wouldn’t know anything about any of it because that’s how it should be!”

Ach. Move out (or kick her out).

Why are Ambridge residents turning bad?

First Jazzer in ripping off the elderly widow.

Now Eddie.

He’s a tad jealous that Darrell got a “jammy” decorating job at Home Farm, and wonders aloud if he should put a quote in.

Big mistake to say that in front of Clarrie.

[Clarrie] “Don’t be mean. Wanting to do someone out of work … She’d never hire you over a craftsman like him in a month of Sundays!”

Quite right.

And bad man Eddie!


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No divorce required.
Chris Carter chokes on his own vomit.

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You were a day ahead of me ... but so very close in calling it!