Sunday, 17 February 2013

Alan meets Michael’s mystery woman: Tues 05.02.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 5th February 2013
  • Amy talks sense
  • The Colonel apologises
  • Another excuse for Amy not to move out?
  • Alan needs Usha
  • The Colonel has problems of his own
  • Sadie Walsh of Appletree Cottage
  • Amy has a go at Michael

Amy talks sense

Amy finds Alan sat alone, in the Vestry.

[Alan] “I just sat down for a moment, then forgot to get up again.”

(oh Alan … he sounds so sad)

Amy tries to talk to Alan again about Michael.

She uses Carl as an example. How she wouldn’t listen. Wouldn’t believe any bad of him. Wouldn’t believe anyone else when they said he’d been bad.

Amy reckons she had to find out for herself.

Alan’s listening …

The Colonel apologises

Colonel Aubrey Shawcross is on the phone again to Alan.

Alan’s none too happy to hear from him.

But, the Colonel has called to say sorry. The money he accused Alan of stealing has turned up. The only odd thing is that it’s a £20 note rather than the change that was there.

So, everyone reckons someone must have “borrowed” the money.

[Colonel Aubrey Shawcross] “If there’s anything I can do by way of recompense …”

Alan reckons there is.

He wants to talk.

Another excuse for Amy not to move out?

First, it was a far too picky flatmate.

Now it’s Alan and Usha.

[Amy] “It’s clear I can’t leave home yet. You two are a right state!”


Doesn’t seem like Amy’s ready to fledge as yet.

Alan needs Usha

[Amy] “His sermon yesterday was really bleak.”

Amy thinks Alan just isn’t coping without Usha.

But, while Michael is still there, Usha won’t come home.

Which means is Alan wants Usha, he’ll need to sort out Michael.

The Colonel has problems of his own

Alan goes round to see Colonel Aubrey Shawcross.

Turns out the Colonel’s wife had a stroke recently. She was an “active” lady before, but now needs the Colonel to care for her full-time.

He really does take his vows seriously. He won’t hear of getting any help in.

[Colonel] “I can’t palm my lovely girl onto someone else, because she’s in a tight corner.”


There’s always a reason why folks are pains in the posteriors.

Sadie Walsh of Appletree Cottage

Alan’s reason for wanting to talk to the Colonel was to work out who stays at the cottage Usha had seen Michael’s car parked at.

The Colonel tells him it’s a Sadie Walsh.

So, Alan calls round to Appletree Cottage.

At first, Sadie doesn’t want to let him in. She’s seen his dog collar, and firmly tells him that she’s an atheist and doesn’t want converting.

Her aggression makes Alan splutter over why he’s there.

[Sadie] “You seem to having trouble spitting it out.”

Seems Sadie hasn’t had a positive experience of the CofE. She tells Alan that they ignored her when they realised she wasn’t one of them.

BUT, when Sadie realises that Alan is THAT Alan, she lets him in.

Sadie’s story is that her when her husband left her, she had no money and the church wouldn’t help.

[Sadie] “The hardest part was asking.”

(did I miss something? Why would anyone turned to the church these days, when they’re not part of the flock? How odd)

But, Michael stepped in and did help them.

The questions remains why Michael wouldn’t tell Alan that Usha had seen his car. What’s to hide?

[Alan] “I’m a bit worried. I don’t understand why he’s not being entirely honest with me.”

[Sadie] “Why don’t you ask him?”

Alan then asks Sadie if Michael has ever given her money …

Amy has a go at Michael

Amy tries to make Michael see how much damage he’s doing to Alan and Usha.

[Amy] “Have long have you known dad? … respect dad … love him even … I’d say he’s a bit upset at the moment, not just dad, Usha too. Out of sorts … out of whack … feeling none too good … any idea why that might be?”

Michael doesn’t seem to get Amy’s point.

Though I’m sure he does …


caroline_venezia said...

Oh dear, I didn't realise Usha had actually moved out for the duration. Where's she gone, her auntie's?

I think she's entitled, after patiently sticking it out with Amy, don't you? And it's nice that Amy is now sticking up for them again as a couple.

Inga McVicar said...

Yes, I think it was to her aunt's.

And yes - Alan was completely ignoring Usha. he didn't even ask her if it was okay for Michael to stay!

Thank goodness Amy has calmed down. Here's hoping there's no more Carl's on the horizons.

caroline_venezia said...

Thanks again Inga. Mm, once bitten twice shy I hope - but I'm sure she'll meet somebody nice when the time is right.