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Ifty and Elizabeth: Wed 06.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 6th February 2013
  • Shula already knew Rob’s height
  • Ifty and Elizabeth enjoy their chats …
  • Nic still feels only pity for Bethany
  • Hayley stops the jungle drums
  • Poultry tonic
  • Nic tells Will that Ed is coming to his party

Shula already knew Rob’s height

The jungle drums have been doing their thing.

[Shula] “You don’t need superfast broadband in Ambridge.”

Rob had visited Shula to be matched up top his hunter for the hunt. Without having met him, she already knew his height.

[Rob] “Now I don’t know whether to feel flattered or stalked!”

Shula then gave Rob Nigel/Freddie’s Topper to ride during the hunt.

I wonder how the rest of the Archer clan (especially Ruth) will react to that …

Ifty and Elizabeth enjoy their chats …

Ifty calls Elizabeth in a bad day.

She’s busy with the renaming of the rare breeds to Shire Rare Breeding Centre, which is happening today.

To complicate matters, Gareth has called in sick. He looks after the Shire horse (Cranford Crystal). Which is the star of the rare breeds.

(Luckily enough, Shula was free to deal with Cranford Crystal, controlling her and platting her mane.)

When Ifty later visits Elizabeth, they talk a walk and a chat.

He tells her what his dad used to sell in his shop above the tinned peas.

Elizabeth, that she misses Nigel’s’ mum, Julia. Who would have made sure she was in every picture took of the renaming ceremony.

[Elizabeth] “Those she used to drive me mad, she was so colourful and passionate.”

Seems they have a lot in common. They were both the youngest, so got “away with murder”. They were both in the choir.

And Elizabeth can talk to Ifty about Nigel:

[Elizabeth] “No one could ever rob Nigel of his joy, he always bounced back. He inherited that from Julia, the vivacious ness. It’s nice to be able to talk about him.”

Romance ahoy …

Nic still feels only pity for Bethany

Hayley was talking to Nic about how shattered Vicky was, but the fatigue is more than over compensated for by the “baby bliss”.

[Nic] “Pregnancy is a lottery isn’t it … but a nice one.”

Nic only added the “nice” bit in when she realised she was being rude.

She really can’t cope with Bethany.

For shame.

Hayley stops the jungle drums

Nic mentions to Hayley about Lower Loxley needing £1m, or it’ll go under

Elizabeth’s furious, and tries to take it out on Hayley.

[Shula] “You’re shooting the messenger Elizabeth!”

[Elizabeth] “You can tell everyone it’s complete and utter rubbish, and they can find something else to talk about.”

Hayley then apologises for “speaking out of turn”, which Elizabeth doesn’t respond to.

How rude.

Elizabeth then tells Shula that she can’t work out how to raise the £300,000 they need for the redevelopment.

Shula reckons Lower Loxley must surely have assets to sell, but Elizabeth doesn’t sound so sure …

So, unlike the rest of Ambridge (who are content to gossip), Hayley immediately goes to ask Elizabeth. Hayley might not have a job if the rumour is true.

Poultry tonic

The hens are off laying

And Josh is worried.

[Hayley] “Often happens this time of year, the reduced daylight.”

She tells him to get a poultry tonic for them.

(really? Do such things exist?)

And also tells him that she and Neil are very happy with his work. He’s passed his 3 month trial.

[Josh] “This is wicked!”

How nice to see a chap so happy with his work!

At this rate, Pip will have no chance in the inheritance battle …

Nic tells Will that Ed is coming to his party

[Will] “You what? Stuff that!”

[Nic] “At thirty you’re supposed to show some maturity!”

Will reckons Ed will spoil his birthday.

[Will] “I don’t want to look at Ed’s ugly mug while I;m trying to enjoy my dinner. And I don’t want to hear Emma bleating on about how broke they are, as if they haven’t got it cushy at their mum and dad’s.”

So, as with Ed, Nic tells Will to do it for Clarrie’s sake.

[Nic] “I’m not taking no for an answer. And it’s not only for Clarrie’s sake, it’s about time George saw us all getting on.”

[Will] “Okay, you win, just don’t expect any small talk”


Nic really is in charge.


caroline_venezia said...

Don't you find Nic's attitude to Bethany very surprising? She's normally so nice and also level-headed, as a counter to Will's usual uncharitableness. Do the powers that be think we need to hear an aspect of her that evens things up?

Inga McVicar said...

I agree that I was shocked by Nic's attitude. She is indeed normally so open and fair. But, it's sometimes the nice ones who think and say nasty things.

Powers that be?

I have no idea what you could be referring to ... :)

caroline_venezia said...

I just meant whoever places the secret microphones :-)

Inga McVicar said...

Fair do :)