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Alice has an interview for Canada: Mon 18.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 18th February 2013 #thearchers
  • The Chris Cater Borchester Life edition
  • Alice has a secret interview
  • Fallon moved in on Sunday
  • Easter means a slump in chocolate sales
  • Alice apologises

The Chris Cater Borchester Life edition

Susan is bursting with pride that the Borchester Life issue featuring a certain Mr Christopher Carter, has come out.

Sounds like she’s bought a truckload.

[Susan] “Five pages, together with the photos and the walk in bath advert …”

Seems Jim isn’t as happy about the article. The part of the article on Chris’ “Me and my Down Time” has pink stars around it. Though it seems Glen Whitehouse hasn’t taken as much of Jim’s writing out this time.

[Susan] “I told Jim he must be getting the hang of writing properly at last, he pulled such a face at me.”

Chris also starts to get into the spirit of Susan’s enthusiasm. He’s especially happy of a picture of him in the forge. He wants to tweet it out and also have a print of it framed.

[Chris] “The whole article’s pretty cool.”

Susan then spends the rest of the day trying to push copies of Borchester Life to everyone and anyone who comes in the shop. She’s ever so proud, even though she and Neil only get one “tiny mention”:

[Susan, reading from the magazine] “Born and brought up in Ambridge, Chris Carter has always stayed close to his roots … That’s me and Neil he’s talking about.”

Susan really is far too excited. She tells Jennifer that all the other press will now want to talk to Chris. And though Alice may also have only had a small mention:

[Susan] “Still, her own moment in the spotlight, she may have to get used to more of it, with Christopher making such a name for himself.”

Jennifer disappoints her by initially only wanting to buy one copy, but Susan manages to persuade her to take two. Susan also wonders if she should put one aside for Lilian:

[Jennifer] “I’m sure Lilian can fend for herself!”

[Susan] “If she leaves it another half an hour, I’m not sure there will be any left.”

Well, it’s nice to see Susan so proud of her lad. Even if it is irritating.

Alice has a secret interview

Alice is having an interview by (what sounds like) Skype, with some chap called Lawrence Ostell in Canada.

He sounds like a nice enough bloke. The interview is an informal one to find out more about Alice.

He’s from a company called DZT, who, it would seem, offer Alice a very different work life.

[Lawrence] “ We actively encourage our people to find out what’s happening over the divider panel … we value information flow.”

Alice reckons she’d love that, and would reveal in the extra responsibility.

I thought she then slipped up when she said she’d never been to Canada, but had been to the States. I;m sure Canadians love folks assuming they’re like the States.

Alice also emphasises that she can cope with, and likes, going to pastures new.

[Alice] “New places, new challenges, always bring out the best in me … I like where I live and what I’m doing, it’s too samey.”

Then Chris walks in.

Alice hasn’t told him about the interview.

He walks out again, obviously not a happy chappy. I think he would have preferred Alice had been having an affair than having an interview …

Fallon moved in on Sunday

With Rhys.

Of course, Susan knows all about it. And has her opinions.

[Susan] “It all seems very quick to me, but that’s the way these days.”

Easter means a slump in chocolate sales

Well, it does in Ambridge, in the days leading up to it.

[Susan] “We’re always quiet for chocolate at the start of Easter.”

Which leaves Jennifer not much choice for taking round to Matt and Lilian’s tomorrow.


Alice apologises

After he stormed out, Alice chased after Chris.

She claims she didn’t tell him as she didn’t want him to worry. But she obviously now realises she’s just made it worse.

Chris is furious.

[Chris] “Have you any idea what that was like, Alice … you’re unbelievable sometimes.”

[Alice] “Thanks for not making a scene in front of him.”

Alice reckons she won’t get it anyway, and also reckons they chased her after her friend (who already works there) made mention of her.

Chris calms down.

[Alice] “We are good, Chris?”

[Chris, not sounding good at all] “Hmm …”

[Alice] “Any chance of a kiss?”

No. he heads off for work. But not before Alice spots a copy of Borchester Life, and realises that why he’d come home early. He wanted to show her his article.

[Chris] “It’s no big deal.”

What a way to spoil Chris’ moment!

Divorce ahoy …

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caroline_venezia said...

Didn't you find it a bit odd that Susan referred to Lent (and less than a week into it, at that) as 'the start of Easter'? Isn't she supposed to be a churchgoer?

Re Alice & Chris, we're also starting to think it might be divorce ahoy - and Chris might be better off without her! What a little madam! The only downside is proving Brian & Jennifer right - remember that "starter marriage"?!