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Paul and Lilian play house: Wed 27.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 27th February 2013
  • Bunty’s funeral
  • Tom’s still in a huff
  • Brenda has to do everything
  • Pip’s not as bad as Shula and Elizabeth
  • Cargo nets and Ifty
  • Freddie likes girls
  • Elizabeth’s found land to sell
  • Paul and Lilian at home

Bunty’s funeral

It’s a sad day for Shula and her family. But nice Elizabeth, David and Jill have joined her and Daniel to say goodbye to Bunty.

(no Alistair? Why not?)

Though some might say Bunty’s time was due (she was 91), Shula does not agree it makes it any easier to lose her.

[Shula] “It doesn’t seem to matter how old someone is or how likely their death, it still comes as a real shock when it happens.”

And what will Reg do now?

[Elizabeth] “With lots of couples it’s harder when it’s the husband who is left behind.”

Seems Joanna (Mark’s sister) wants Reg to move closer to her. Which makes sense, but Shula will miss him. And he won’t be able to see Daniel as much.

But, as Elizabeth pointed out, it’d also mean it wouldn’t be just down to Shula to look after him.

(actually – why didn’t Joanna think of both Reg and Bunty moving closer to them when Bunty was alive)

Tom’s still in a huff

[Brenda] “You shouldn’t be stressed about something as petty about not getting your birthday supper … you’re not five!”

On yersel Brenda!

Brenda has to do everything

Brenda has lots of work for Lilian to take care of, but with Lilian going out this afternoon, she has to do it all of herself.

[Brenda, under her breath] “I’ll try a broom to my backside and sweep the floor as well, shall I?”

[Lilian] “Brenda I know you’re feel you’re over vastly qualified simply to make the coffee and run errands, so I thought you’d be pleased I’d taken on board you’re dissatisfaction …”


Brenda having to do the lot is, according to Lilian, her chance to have more responsibility and “ to shine”.

When Brenda later has a moan to Matt, he’s not for listening:

[Matt] “It’s not fair to complain about a job when unlike some people at least you’ve got one!”

And with that, he tells her to make him coffee.


Pip’s not as bad as Shula and Elizabeth

Seems David was ranting about Pip’s behaviour.

(as a funeral? How very inappropriate)

[Shula] “Compared to what you and I put mum and dad through, they haven’t done too badly!”

Cargo nets and Ifty

Talking about her trip to the adventure playground with the twins, Elizabeth reckons her arms were incredibly stuff the next day:

[Elizabeth] “Cargo netting is much much harder to climb than you’d think!”

Elizabeth also claims that she had no idea Ifty was going the same day (hmmm).

Freddie likes girls


Is he at that stage already?

Seems he was trying to impress the girls in Ifty's group, which meant he tried harder at the assault course.

Elizabeth’s found land to sell

Infill plots between the estate’s houses and the village.

Shula wasn’t at all perturbed to hear Elizabeth wanted to sell bit of Lower Loxley off.

I wonder if everyone else will be as accommodating …

Paul and Lilian at home

Paul carried Lilian over the threshold of his new flat in Felpersham.

(well – it’s rented – but that also has the bonus of it being serviced)

[Paul] “I almost feel I should say welcome home!”

Paul’s a clever chap, really. He chose it for its superb views, and for being off the beaten track, yet close to the shop.

[Paul] “So you have a good reason for being nearby if ever spotted.”

Lilian has an odd sense of what’s important about the flat. She brushes by the bedroom, then:

[Lilian] “There’s even a dishwasher!”

(but she did also gleefully spot the champagne)

With Matt away all day tomorrow, Paul is going to stay overnight. Then take Lilian to an Antique’s Fair in the Peak District for furniture for the flat.

[Paul] “We can begin to make it our own.”

Surely this can’t end well for anyone?

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