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Wolfgang departs this world: Sun 17.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 17th February 2013
  • Lilian’s thinking of Paul but making plans with Matt
  • Wolfgang’s found dead
  • The Lower Loxley art exhibition is “challenging”
  • Elizabeth’s plan b

Lilian’s thinking of Paul but making plans with Matt

Lilian’s back to being fully smitten with Paul. She’s leaving him rather desperate messages, and is desperate to speak to him.

She tells him she’ll be busy today, but will be thinking of him every minute.

Lilian then goes out with Matt for lunch, but they stop by the papermill first. Seems Matt can’t stay away, or thinking about it. Even though their quote to be involved hasn’t been chosen, as yet. Matt’s adamant this could be the making of them, and is terrified another developer could win the bid.

[Matt] “I’d had to put so much work to get it, then have someone else sneak in at the last minute, and snatch everything away from us.”


Is Matt talking about the papermill, or Paul …

… he must know.

Wolfgang’s found dead

[Lynda] “I knew something was wrong as soon as I came out.”

A very upset Lynda has called Alistair round. She found Wolfgang dead this morning.

[Lynda] “I ran down praying for him to stand up, and I still spoke to him, trying to make him move, I couldn’t bear it if there’d been any chance …”

Oh, poor Lynda!

Though Alistair confirms that there was nothing she could have done. Wolfgang was long gone by the time she found him.

[Lynda] “Have you any idea why?”

Alistair does not. There’s no injury. And though they had treated Wolfgang in December for pneumonia, he hadn’t been lethargic or had lost weight since.

[Lynda] “When I was grooming yesterday, he seemed perfectly happy …When I finished, he gave me a look, as if he almost enjoyed it. Though he’d never admit it. Then I patted him goodbye and left the paddock.”

Lynda obviously didn’t realise that would be the last time she’d see Wolfgang alive.

Wolfgang’s body will need to go to Animal health in Felpersham for a post-mortem, which will find out why he died.

Poor Wolfgang and poor Lynda.

There’s bound to be some unsympathetic folks in Ambridge who’ll take the Michael.

The Lower Loxley art exhibition is “challenging”

So reckons Elizabeth.

Which Lewis takes to mean that she doesn’t like it. Not that he seems concerned – he’s the art aficionado, after all.

[Elizabeth] “I don’t mind art shaking me out of my cosy preconceptions.”

But, just not this one! Though it would seem it is popular with visitors, as it features a local artist who is fast becoming popular.

Elizabeth’s plan b

She wants to sell one of Lower Loxley’s houses.

Seems it’s pone that could raise over £200,000, but it also has tenants. Which may not be as attractive to a buyer to take on – and if the tenants had to leave, Lewis reckons it’d create havoc with the other tenants.

So, plan B is of no use.

Onto plan C. Selling land to a developer.

[Elizabeth] “I hate the thought of passing onto Freddie less than Nigel intended him to inherit … but needs must.”

Is it just me, or is Elizabeth too fixated on this dairy conversion?

It doesn’t sound like a ground-breaking move for Lower Loxley – in fact, it sounded a tad risky.

Couldn’t plan C just be to look at what else they could change or develop to bring in more money?

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