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Rob goes a-hunting: Fri 08.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 8th February 2013
  • Rob’s a milk marketing genius
  • Emma makes Ed go to the party
  • Rob’s a super chap
  • Mike won’t give Ed one more penny
  • It’s a “no” to the badger road signs
  • Rob joins the hunting set
  • The hens loved the mash
  • Hayley gets the shopping, but then gets Valentine’s out

Rob’s a milk marketing genius

Rob flagged down Mike to get a bottle of Ed’s milk.

[Rob] “Gorgeous Ed, nostalgia in a bottle”.

Ed reckons that’d be a superb slogan for a new marketing campaign.

I still reckon Rob’s up to something …

Emma makes Ed go to the party

[Emma] “What shall we buy for Will?”

[Ed] “Nothing!”

[Ed] “I am not wasting good money on that pillock. He’s got loads of his own money, he can buy his own present!”

All Ed’s prepared to do is sign a card.

Which is, actually, a step forward.

[Ed] “I feel like I'm going to the gallows Emma.”

But to the gallows he shall go.

He has no choice. Not with both Nic and Emma citing that he cannot “let Clarrie down”.

Rob’s a super chap

[Mike] “Brian’s chosen well there. He seems very keen to fit into village life, not at all stuck up.”

[Ed] “He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to dairying.”

[Mike] “You’d think so, considering his job.”

Is there no end to the adoration of Rob in Ambridge?

Lynda and Ruth will be rather smug if he does turn out to be a bad ‘un.

Mike won’t give Ed one more penny

Inspired by his chat with Rob, Ed has another go at trying to get Mike to do more with their milk.   

[Ed] “You’re just not marketing like it deserves, it’s so frustrating, we’ve got to push the milk as a premium product, as we did when we first started.”

Ed wants to relaunch in the Spring, with a new slogan, and even a new flyer.


But it’s not just Rob’s mutterings that has set Ed off again. He still wants more from Mike for his milk, and reckons Mike can pass that price rise onto the customer.

[Ed] “The customer needs to understand why the price needs to go up.”

Ed reckons his milk is local. Niche. Better. Mike reckons their customers will just buy their milk elsewhere if the price goes up.

[Mike] “So they read a flyer, don’t mean they’re going to pay more.”

[Ed] “You're so negative, you’re selling us cheap Mike!”

[Mike] “I can’t pay you anymore Ed, my margins are tight enough as it is Ed.”

And, Mike tells Ed he has a kid to support.

And that’s his final word.

[Ed] “Well, I’m going to have to get advice about selling my milk to someone else.”

[Mike] “Feel free. No one is going to give you a better price.”

As Ed storms off, Mike mutter “I’m sorry, mate” under his breath.

So – family first for Mike.

It’s a “no” to the badger road signs

[Oliver] “The PC vote didn’t go Lynda’s way last night.”

Oh dear.

Lynda won’t let it end there.

Not that I disagree with her. But she does go on (and on and on and on and on and on and on …).

Rob joins the hunting set

After a grand day hunting, Rob’s enjoying Oliver and Caroline’s wine, fire and the Church bells close by.

[Rob] “It’s gorgeous hunting country round here.”

When Rob nips off to the cloakroom (his name for it, not mine):

[Caroline] “Such a  lovely guy.”

Maybe it’s just me hoping someone else notices Rob might not be all that, but Caroline didn’t sound entirely convinced when she said that.

Has she spotted something?

The hens loved the mash

Seems they “went mad” for it.

Hopefully that’ll get them laying again.

Well done Josh!

Hayley gets the shopping, but then gets Valentine’s out

Hayley got Mike and Vicky’s shopping in, and even put it away.

She then asks Mike if he can babysit for her and Roy so they can go out for Valentine’s.

Perfect timing there, Hayley.

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