Sunday, 24 February 2013

Alice has an interview in Canada: Thurs 21.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 21st February 2013
  • Eddie has a patio to quote for
  • Clarrie makes cracking soup
  • Pat’s not full of holiday cheer
  • Helen’s affecting Ed and Emma’s marriage
  • Paul’s got a flat in Felpersham
  • Alice has a shocker for Chris
  • Jazzer wants to rip off a nice, old widow

Eddie has a patio to quote for

[Clarrie] “He said he’d priced it up after the boot fair.”

That’s good news for the senior Grundy household.

Clarrie makes cracking soup

Which she forces on Ed, but he soon realises how hungry he is when he smells it.

When Jazzer calls round to see Ed:

[Jazzer] “Don’t suppose there’s a wee scrape left in the pan there Clarrie, it smells braw!”

I want a bowl of Clarrie’s soup!

Pat’s not full of holiday cheer

Seems Pat’s been quite quiet, which is confusing Clarrie.

[Clarrie] “I thought she’d be full of her holiday, but all she said was it was a lovely hotel and they’d had some nice meals, that was it … she was in such a funny mood.”

Helen’s affecting Ed and Emma’s marriage

Ed was telling Clarrie that he and Emma have had a falling out.

[Clarrie] “On no. What set you off this time Edward?”

Seems it’s all Helen’s fault.

She’s paying for Emma, Keira and George to go to Borchester Soft Play centre.

[Ed] “Helen paying for it, it’s what I’m worried about.”

Though Clarrie reckons Emma would do the same if the shoe was on the other foot, Ed knows that’ll probably never happen.

Ach Ed.

Leave Emma to enjoy her new pal.

Paul’s got a flat in Felpersham

[Paul] “If you want to know anymore, you’ll have to come and see for yourself.”

So they arrange to meet up Wednesday afternoon, though Paul will meet Lilian and take her to the flat, rather than meet her there. He wants it to be a surprise.

[Paul] “We’ve finally got a place of our own.”

Who will be the first Ambridge resident to spot Lilian going in or out of the flat???

Alice has a shocker for Chris

[Alice] “I’ve learned my lesson. This time I wanted to break the news face to face.”

Someone saying something like that is never a good sign …

Alice has been offered a second interview. But this time, in Canada.

And, despite her swearing blind that she more than likely wouldn’t be offered one.

She’s also been looking for jobs for Chris. Which suggests she’s rather keen …

[Alice] “It looks like there’d be plenty of opportunities for you out there … You were my first thought after I got the call … It’d be the perfect chance for me.”

[Chris] “Sorry to be Mr Selfish Alice, but what about me?”

Alice reckons he could get a work permit. But, that wouldn’t solve the fact that he’d have to start from scratch again, and has no knowledge of how the law and such works for his business in Canada. And, he might not be able to sell his business, or even would have to sell it at a loss.

[Chris] “Why are you asking me to chuck it away?”

[Alice] “It’s more than just a job, it’s who you are, but I wouldn’t ask if this wasn’t such a fantastic opportunity. For both of us.”

Alice wants them to spread their wings before they get bogged down by a mortgage and kids.

[Alice] “Is it honestly going to be enough spending our whole lives in the same place and doing the same thing?” … You’re so talented. You’ll set something up in no time.”

Alice sees this as a huge chance, which she’s afraid of passing up.

So, she puts the onus onto Chris (how nice of her!). It’s up to him to tell her she can’t go for the second interview.

[Chris] “You're asking a hell of a lot … so don’t hassle me. At least give me time to get my head around it.”

Blimey …

Jazzer wants to rip off a nice, old widow

Jazzer hasn’t given up on his sheep shearing venture with Ed.

He’s been looking for a pickup truck, and also reckons he’s found a way to pay for the equipment.

Seems there’s a widow in Penny Hassett. Mrs James. She takes two semis three times a week, and orange with “nae bits in it” on a Friday.

Anyhoo – her husband died a few months back, and she’s looking to clear some of his belongings out.

Including a Fergie tractor. To which Eddie asks if it’s a T20. Jazzer has nae ken:

[Jazzer] “I failed anorak GCSE …”

[Ed] “We need clippers and a pickup, not a vintage tractor.”

Jazzer’s plan is to buy the tractor for a few hundred, then immediately sell it for thousands.

Which sounds like a scam:

[Jazzer] “We’re doing her a favour, ya bam!”

Jazzer reckons it will just rust away if left, and:

[Jazzer] “We’re rescuing a piece of agricultural history and out her mind at rest.”

[Ed] “It doesn’t feel right.”

I'm with Ed, but Jazzer manages to persuade him to at least look.

How very odd of Jazzer. He’s a cheeky chappy, but it’s not like him to try and pull a fast one at someone else’s expense.


Luce Gilmore said...

The obvious way out of this impasse would be for Alice to be offered a job from Vancouver, then use the offer to coerce her current employers into cutting her more slack. This is such a common ruse that its not having been mentioned yet is in itself remarkable.

Inga McVicar said...

Very true, Luce.

Though I also suspect Alice is not all she advertises herself to be.

Maybe she's just rubbish, hence why the lack of responsibility.

caroline_venezia said...

I thought Alice only referred to getting bogged down by kids - she's another one with a free house, isn't she? Oo-er, that's a point - if she buggers off on her own, could Chris be homeless?

Inga McVicar said...

Aye, you're right. Chris could be homeless. BUT doesn't he get rights as her hubby? AND the earner while she was studying?!?

caroline_venezia said...

Oh yes, maybe so - you'd hope so.