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The Llamas might have TB: Fri 22.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 22nd February 2013
  • Busy lambing at Brookfield
  • Ode to the Willow
  • Still arguing with Pip
  • Do the Llamas have TB?   
  • Darrell’s not chuffed to see Des
  • Elizabeth on a zip wire
  • The Brookfield cows are out!
  • Chris doesn’t know what to do

Busy lambing at Brookfield

Just last night, they had four singles, five twins and one triplets.

Seems they’re doing well. Ruth reckons especially considering a number of farms have had Schmallenberg virus.

Ode to the Willow

Last night was the Cricket Club’s Dinner.

A grand time was had by all, but they made the mistake of giving Bert an opportunity to recite a new poem.

[Alistair] “There are Icelandic sagas with less verses than Bert’s Ode to the Willow!”

[David] “And considering less violent, I would imagine.”

[Alistair] “Well there was an awful lot of smiting, wasn’t there?”

[David] “Yeah, lots of lusty blows!”

Still arguing with Pip

Ruth tried to tackle Pip about her behaviour, again.

[Ruth] “I tried to be perfectly reasonable, low key.”

But, they only started arguing again.

When David tried later on, he had the same result.

Pip reckons they’re on her back when she needs to do her college work, see her friends and her boyfriend. David and Ruth are asking too much of her.

[Ruth] “Pip needs to prioritise. She knows how pushed we are at this time of the year!”

And they’ve asked her to apologise to Tom for letting him down.

Not much chance of that.

Pip’s not Pip anymore …

Do the Llamas have TB?

Alistair called round to tell Lynda and Robert that Wolfgang was found to have lesions on his lungs.

[Lynda] “Poor Wolfgang!”

They’ll have to now test for TB.

[Robert] “If it’s TB, what about Constanza and Solaria?”

As with cows – if they test positive, they’d have to be put down.


But it gets worse:

[Alistair] “You may want to tell David and Ruth yourselves what is happening.”

Seems David and Ruth have cows on adjacent land. So, really do need to know.

But, as Lynda later on grooms her remaining, beloved Llamas:

[Lynda] “If we say anything now Robert, you know how David will react.”

[Robert] “As good neighbours, it’s their livelihood at stake.”

[Lynda] “I couldn’t bear to lose these two as well.”

Come on Lynda. You have to tell them.

Darrell’s not chuffed to see Des

Darrell had been on a building site checking for work, when he bumped into an acquaintance going by the name of Des.

Though Des is the foreman, so could (and offered to) create him work, Darrell seemed none too happy to see him again. It actually sounded like he’d lost contact with him on purpose.

An old cell mate?

Elizabeth on a zip wire

Seems Elizabeth did take the twins to that adventure park place. Just so happened it was the same day and time as Ifty was taking some school kids there. (oh aye!)

[Neil] “He was very complementary about her. He said she showed real spirit.”

David was surprised to hear that. Freddie had told him Elizabeth had “screamed like a banshee”!

The Brookfield cows are out!

Only for a short time every day, but how superb!


Chris doesn’t know what to do

Chris talks to Neil.

[Chris] “I’m happy enough in Ambridge. Alice isn’t anymore.”

[Neil] “Has something gone wrong between you?”

[Chris] “It’s not that dad. She wants both of us to move out there … To be fair, she’s trying to understand.”

Alice’s new plans is that if she gets the job, she’ll got out first so that Chris has time to sell the business, rather than rush and get a lower price.

[Neil] “They’re all restless in that family, aren’t they. Don’t know how to value a good home.”

Neil asks Chris what he’ll do if Alice is offered the job.

Chris doesn’t know.


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