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Jazzer buys a tractor: Tues 26.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 26th February
  • Lynda’s being evasive
  • Jazzer rips offs an elderly widow
  • Pip says sorry to Tom
  • Pat didn’t even cook Tom a birthday meal
  • “High heels and flaming Sambuca”

Lynda’s being evasive

Today started with Lynda shouting at Joe for creeping up on her and her (remaining) llamas.

[Joe] “I’m not creeping. I’m minding my own business.”

Joe was just out for a walk, and was surprised to see Lynda tending to her Llamas in a different field.

And to see that she’d put up electric fences.

Lynda was quite angry with Joe for being there and for asking so many questions. She claims she moved the llamas to get them out of a field that was too “poached” (I had to look that up – what a wonderful word for something being muddy). And the electric fences were for extra security.

Joe pointed out that it’d be more muddy next to the Am. And asked how on earth the other field got so “poached up”.

[Lynda] “The llamas Joe, the llamas!”


Guilt seems to be putting Lynda into a rather bad mood.

Jazzer rips offs an elderly widow

Jazzer was on the phone to Mr James, saying he’d be right over to buy her (deceased) husband’s tractor. From her reaction, she sounded a bit reticent, but Jazzer told that the £250 was a great deal. And she’d save on her car insurance by being able to put it in the garage again.

Later on, when Jazzer said he’d gone ahead and bought the tractor, Ed was furious.

[Ed] “I said I wanted to think it over. You should have waited.”

Thinking Ed was worried about the money Jazzer had just spent, he reassured him that he wouldn’t have to pay a penny. They’d just take it out of his share of the sale.

[Ed] “It’s her money I’m bothered about, not mine.”

Ed reckons £250 was not enough, Jazzer reckons:

[Jazzer] “You’re just a big girls’ blouse!”

[Ed] “What for having principles and trying to be honest.”

[Jazzer] “I have been honest. I havenae nicked the tractor.”

[Ed, sarcastically] “Well that’s alright then.”

I’m with Ed.

And quite shocked that Jazzer is behaving like this. He’s a cheeky chappy, not usually a con artist.

Pip says sorry to Tom

It sounded sincere enough. But we can expect it was to make sure she kept her milking shift rather than Pip truly being sorry for leaving him without cover.

Tom, quite rightly, gives Pip a hard time. She promised she’ll give 110% from now on.

Pat didn’t even cook Tom a birthday meal

Actually, Tom’s in quite a huff today.

Seems it was his birthday yesterday. But he didn’t do anything special. He and Brenda just went to The Bull.

It was also seem that was Pat’s fault. Well, at least it was according to Tom.

[Tom] “We hadn’t organised anything as mum usually cooks us all a family meal. But petty of her really, stems from she and I have words last week over a misunderstanding … I never thought for a minute she’d make it personal.”

The cheek!

I think it’s to be expect that Pat and Tony would take it personally that Tom wanted to leave organic. And I am quite delighted that Pat made her point loud and clear to Tom.

When Jazzer later wants to leave work early, Tom won’t let him. He’s in a bad mood, so it trying to be the big man boss.

[Tom] “I’ve had it up to here with being understanding. No one ever bothers understanding me!”

Aw, poor Tom … it couldn’t be happening to a nice chap!

And then Jazzer knocks off early anyway.


“High heels and flaming Sambuca”

Though Spencer had been sorting them out with a DVD for a night in, Pip wanted to go out to an open mic comedy night nearby. Even though she had College work to do for the next day.

Later on, Pip’s rather tiddly. She can’t even get her arms into both of her sleeves.

[Pip] “High heels and flaming Sambuca.”

(oh my!)

So, she now won’t get her College work. Though she reckons she can “wing it”. And she’s going home to Spencer’s, rather than home (as David and Ruth expect). Spencer tries to get her to call them to let them know she’s staying out (again).

[Pip] “I’ve got rules about that. Drunk texting … No, I don’t want her moaning that I woke her up … anyway, I’m trying to wean them off all that.”

Pip now reckons that David and Ruth wouldn’t be like this if she’d gone away for University. She wouldn’t have to call them when she was staying out, and could get up to all sorts.

(as Pip reckons Alice must have done at Southampton … if only she knew the half of it, she’d be glad she stayed at home!)

[Pip] “I’m 20 now, I’m an adult, and they need to start treating me like one.”

(all together now … start acting like one!!!)

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