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Ed’s invited to Will’s birthday: Tues 05.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 5th February 2013
  • Ed and Jazzer to become supremo sheep shearers
  • Ed’s turned to be Rob’bed
  • Rhys isn’t very sensitive to Jazzer
  • Valentine’s plans at The Bull
  • Rob’s joining the hunt
  • Fat Paul hit Derek Fletcher
  • No Pancake Night at The Bull?
  • The Jungle Drums reckon Lower Loxley needs £1m
  • Nic wants Ed at Will’s birthday

Ed and Jazzer to become supremo sheep shearers

Ed got his grant, so can go on his sheep shearing course.

[Jazzer] “I’m nae sheep rustler.”

[Ed] “Nicking, as in close shave.”

Ed’s telling Jazzer (and is buying a pint for David for his sound advice) about his new sheep shearing venture.

[David] “If I were young and single, it’s a great life.”

David reckons Jazzer should also take up sheep shearing.

Actually, he should team up with Ed. Which Jazzer starts to warm to.

[Jazzer] “Touring the world …”

[Ed, slightly more realistic] “We can cross the county in a day.”

[Jazzer] “You and me, a professional shearing team. It’s like a movie!”


Jazzer’s so happy that he even buys David a pint. Though David had to go to the bar to get it himself.

[David, sarcastically] “I am deeply flattered.”

Ed’s turned to be Rob’bed

Seriously, no one is safe from  Rob.

This time, it’s Ed’s turn.

[Rob] “I’m trying to get round all the local farms to meet everyone, so you can put a face to a name.”

[Ed] “I’ll tell you upfront that I’m against the Super Dairy.”

And Ed reckons he was right to be worried about the extra traffic the Super Dairy would cause. It’s already bad, and the thing hasn’t even opened yet. Ed’s not exactly thrilled about having to take his cows down the lane with all that going on.

Rob says he respects Ed’s opinions.

When he asks Ed about how he’s getting on with his milk prices, he also offers to send hum information about the best milk deals.

That softens Ed up a bit.

He offers to show Rob round, and even a cup of tea.

Rob’s flattery continues.

[Rob] “Great small business here, niche with a clearly defined market.”


Seems Rob is keen for Ed to be reminded that the Super Dairy is most definitely not in competition with Ed’s business.


Rhys isn’t very sensitive to Jazzer

Jazzer bumps into Rhys, who offers him up to his flat for a coffee.

Jazzer doesn’t want to go up. But Rhys doesn’t notice.

Course, Jazzer doesn’t want to as it’s the setting for Rhys and Fallon’s love-in.

Rhys then starts harping on about his and Fallon’s trip to Cardiff. Again, not noticing that Jazzer doesn’t really want to know.

The hotel was luxurious.

Fallon was spoilt rotten.

And the rugby was grand.

[Rhys] “As for the match … the atmosphere was electric, she was buzzing. I’m one lucky guy!”

[Jazzer] “Aye, don’t you forget it … I mean it!”

[Rhys] “I love her Jazzer. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.”

He’d better not.

Jazzer really wasn’t kidding.

Valentine’s plans at The Bull

Every dinner gets free glass of pink champagne, according to Rhys.

He reckons Jazzer should come along.

[Jazzer] “Is that a proposition? You going the same way as Harry?”

Besides, Jazzer has no lady friend to enjoy the experience.

[Jazzer] “Christine … She’s the only woman in my life at the moment.”


Poor Jazzer.

Rob’s joining the hunt
Seems he’s to be part of Oliver and Caroline’s set.

He’ll need a hunter from Shula.

And will join Caroline and Oliver for supper after.

Very fancy, indeed.

Fat Paul hit Derek Fletcher

When asked whether there’s any gossip from The Bull:

[Rhys] “Fat Paul through a punch at Derek Fletcher for hogging the arrows.”



Rhys was just “messing”.

No Pancake Night at The Bull?

Seems Freda’s put her “foot down in the frying pan” and is refusing to work Pancake Night.

There’s something on the TV she’d prefer to watch.

What a disaster”

The Jungle Drums reckon Lower Loxley needs £1m

Bert had been in the room when Elizabeth came back from the bank, and told Lewis that she needed to come up with a stack of money.

Bert’s interpreted that as Lower Loxley needing £1m to just keep afloat.

Rather than the truth of £300,000 to redevelop.

So, Bert has told the £1m version to Freda. Freda has told Rhys.

Rhys is now telling everyone.


Nic wants Ed at Will’s birthday

Nic corners Ed. She wants to make it absolutely clear that he and Emma are invited to Will’s birthday meal at The Bull.

[Ed] “I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea, Nic … I don’t want to spoil it … it’s a joke.”

[Nic] “I think that’s pretty selfish. I’ve invited you in good faith … can you at least make the effort?”

(wow – Nic doesn’t let the Grundy men away with anything!)

She also tells Ed he should do it for his mum.

Seems Clarrie was looking forward to all being together.

Well, I’ll believe that when I hear it from Clarrie … who hasn’t been heard of for months!

I know she wants her lads to play nicely, but she’s also realistic about what having the two of them in the same room would lead to.

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