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Pip’s still behaving badly: Wed 13.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 13th February 2013
  • It’s the Nigel stuff that’s worth something
  • Lambs!
  • Pip lets everyone down
  • Anyone good at mathematics?
  • Ifty and Kirsty have split up

It’s the Nigel stuff that’s worth something

Elizabeth’s not having much luck with the valuations of the Lower Loxley items she’d like to sell.

The valuator reckons the Victorian watercolour is only worth £2,500.

The pistol isn’t worth too much, only £1,500 to £1.8000, especially as it doesn’t come with a powder flask or case. The family rumour about it having belonged to highwayman James Henderson means nothing without proof.

And even Julia’s jewellery isn’t worth much.

But, a painting of Gerald Pargetter is worth a decent amount.. Seems it’s by an artist that is now quite popular. Though Elizabeth isn’t going to sell that as it means too much.

Actually, that’s the theme of the valuation. Anything that was part of Nigel or Lower Loxley was worth something. Anything that wasn’t, wasn’t.

She won’t even consider selling the rather  valuable rocking horse in the nursery:

[Elizabeth] “That’s the sort of thing Nigel would want Freddie to inherit and pass onto his own children.”

(eh? What about Lily? Is Elizabeth really going to keep up that tradition of the make heir???)

So, Elizabeth will need to think of a plan B if she wants to raise £300,000.


There were lots of new born lambs bleating away in the background at Brookfield.


I’ve already seen a few lambs round my way, which means Spring must be coming soon!

Pip lets everyone down

Pip really is a brat.

Today. She announced to David and Ruth that she’s off to Amsterdam on Sunday.

[Pip] “Only three nights, that’s not a holiday … it’s a city break.”

Ruth’s rather upset. Sunday is Pip’s birthday.

[Pip] “That’s the point!”

[Ruth] “But we’ve got things planned for the birthday.”

Well, their “plans” involve a meal at The Bull – but Ruth’s right that Pip should have mentioned her plans before now. Though Pip reckons she would have missed her “great deal” if she’d stopped to talk.

(Though £300 each doesn’t sound like a great deal to me)

[David] “I’m not impressed Pip, not at all!”


When Ruth is later struggling to help birth a lamb, Pip won’t lift a finger.

[Pip] “I could help, but I’d have to get changed first.”

Seems the ones she’s wearing are ones she wants to wear in Amsterdam.

(washing machine, Pip. Washing machine …)

Pip will also part of her Uni’s reading week:

[Ruth] “When are you going to do your reading?”

AND Pip will also miss one of her milking shifts at bridge Farm. Which is a bit of a problem, what with Pat and Tony being away on (a rare) holiday.

[Pip] “I’m not leaving him in the lurch, it’s just one morning, for goodness sake!”

[David] “It’s very thoughtless Pip.”

[Pip] “Look, stop going on!”

[David] “You’ve got responsibilities!”

In Pip’s mind, David and Ruth should be delighted that she’s doing “something nice” for her birthday. In reality, she’s causing havoc, and doesn’t care.

[Ruth] “She’s quite impossible.”

Though Ruth reckons she would also prefer Amsterdam to a meal at The Bull:

[Ruth] “She so clearly didn’t think about the effect it would have on us.”

As well as not doing her Uni work and letting down Tom, Pip’s also leaving during lambing at Brookfield.

[David] “She’s booked this trip, and to hell with anyone else!”

[Ruth] “She’s meant to be keen on the sheep …”

(I’m telling you – at this rate, the very keen Josh will inherit Brookfield, rather than Pip. Though, of course, Ben is still an unknown quantity)

When Pip calls Tom:

[Pip] “I just needed to tell you about a bit of a change of plan for next week …”

Note how Pip was “telling” Tom rather than asking, apologising, being humble .

That girl’s going to come a cropper!

Anyone good at mathematics?

[Ifty] “If 30% take a packed lunch, 60% buy a  burger there, and the remaining two children don’t eat anything, how many children are there on the trip?”

I have no ken,

Anyone else cracked it?

Ifty and Kirsty have split up

So Ifty was telling Elizabeth.

And it was Kirsty’s decision.

[Ifty] “Someone else came along she thinks would suit her better.”

(ah … that wouldn’t happen to the (already married) Rob, would it?)

[Elizabeth] “You’re not exactly heartbroken then?”

[Ifty] “We had a lot of fun, but I don’t think either of us thought we’d find our soul mate.”

So, Ifty’s free and single again …

[Ifty] “I imagine Valentines can’t be the easiest day of the year for you?”

[Elizabeth] “The trouble is, Nigel was such a  romantic … he made every valentine’s day so special.”

I wonder if Ifty can match Nigel’s romantic nature … certainly seems he will at least get a chance to soon enough.


caroline_venezia said...

Morning Inga! Who's Rod, please? Someone else who's passed me by! And Maurice?

ruby said...

20. 2 is 10%, so the total number of children is 20

Inga McVicar said...

Caroline - argh - typo! Rob, not Rod (now corrected). I had Neil having his 30th the other day, rather than Will ... oops!

Maurice is the local butcher - and works with Tom on-site (part-time). He was also Alistair's sponsor at the Gambling support group (I think?).

Inga McVicar said...

Cheers Ruby! Must admit I'm lazy when it comes to numbers.

caroline_venezia said...

Thanks Inga - sorry, should have guessed re Rod/Rob!

Another thought, re "Is Elizabeth really going to keep up that tradition of the make heir". I'm pretty sure I remember her previously mentioning "Freddie's inheritance" & feelng outraged. But since there are trustees, maybe it's not her decision - and maybe it wasn't even Nigel's? Are estates still 'entailed', as in Jane Austen's day? I've no idea. Another inheritance battle ahoy - or is it just lucky that Lily is the clever one and perhaps will get a really good job?

Inga McVicar said...

Very good thought re Lily. Iy could just be as simple as that - Freddie will need the inheritance as he's not quite as 'able'