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Paul is officially Lilian’s bit on the side: Fri 01.12.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 1st February 2013
  • Pip’s been squatting
  • Scruff and Tig disagree
  • Paul begs to be Lilian’s other man

Pip’s been squatting

David and Ruth had a potential tenant round to loom at Rickyard.

But the tenant took fright when they saw the state of the place.

Though Ed and Emma had left it in good shape, and David and Ruth gave it a lick of paint, it would seem Pip’s been squatting.

She’d left a sleeping bag on the floor, half eaten food (sour milk, and empty can of beans) and the like.

[Ruth] “I had to explain what a pair of Spencer’s pants were doing lying in the living room … that’d better not be a smirk on your face!”

Ruth then lets rip.

About Pip’s attitude. About her Uni work. Her work at Brookfield. About how she treats her family.

So, Pip’s been using Rickyard to get privacy, and also (she claims) not to wake everyone when she gets in late. She even has the cheek to suggest she and Spencer should move in to Rickyard!

[Pip] “Apparently I'm supposed to be in bed by 9 and never see my boyfriend … I can’t do right for doing wrong!”

What on earth is that girl on these days?

Scruff and Tig disagree

As Lynda walked Scruff, she met David and Tig.

Scruff growled at Tig.

[David] “Maybe they’ve had a falling out.”

After Lynda and David’s falling out over the badgers, Lynda wanted to make sure there was no “bad blood” between them.

But, rather than agree to differ, they just start the argument over badgers yet again.

[David] “I think that my entire herd deserve protecting too.”

Lynda starts shouting at David that the wildlife needs protecting as well.

[David] “It doesn’t matter how I feel about the badgers, what I don’t understand is how the signs will help … why don’t we cover the verges with warning signs!”

David sarcastically suggests they should also get warning signs for pheasants, foxes, field mice (and on and on and on) as well as for the badgers.

Worse still for Lynda, she has to admit to David that the badger she’d saved from him shooting had to be put down anyway. Just as David had suggested when they had found it injured.

[Lynda] “One has to try!”

This ‘discussion’ isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

Paul begs to be Lilian’s other man

Lilian’s stolen away to meet with Paul.

(well, not really. She checked Matt’s diary first)

[Lilian] “I wish I wasn’t like this, if we’d met at another time …”

[Paul] “We’ve tried not being together, and look what happened, we still ended up finding each other.”

Paul reckons he feels more for Lilian than he did for his wife.

[Paul] “When it’s just us, it feels right, And I know you feel the same. Don’t you? If I’m wrong, I’ll walk out right now.”

Lilian does feel the same, but thinks it just can’t work out between them.

[Lilian] “The only way would be if I left Matt …”

[Paul] “You’re not going to.”

[Lilian] “I’m sorry. But he needs me Paul. Our whole lives are wrapped up together.”

(Course, Matt still can’t run a company – but is that any reason for Lilian to stay with him? It’s not her fault she ended up in prison)

[Lilian] “This week, with Matt, it’s been like it used to be … I have to make a choice.”

[Paul] “Look at me. You don’t have to make a choice. I’m not asking you too.”

But Lilian doesn’t want to keep “lying and running”.

[Lilian] “Better we just go through the pain now.”

[Paul] “Or you could let me do it. I could do all the running … What have I really go, except and empty house? … Tell me honestly, what’s worse, never seeing each other again ... I’d only ever ask what you can give … What we have is so previous. We need to cling to it.”

They’re both crying at this point.

Lilian needs to fix her make-up, so Paul offers his room (they must have met at a hotel). So, they go to his room …

Of course, the next we hear from them, they’ve just finished adult relations.

[Lilian] “I can’t just order you up when I feel like it … you’re too important to just be my bit on the side.”

[Paul] “As long as I can be with you sometimes … even if it means I have to share you … I love you Lilian.”

[Lilian] “I love you too.”

And there it is.

They’re back on again.

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