Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pusscat and Tiger back to normal? : Thurs 31.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 31st January 2013
  • Team Pusscat and Tiger
  • Alice’s eyeing a job in Canada
  • Jim’s not good at turning wood
  • Archaeology gig = ideal gap year?
  • Bunty will be 91 soon

Team Pusscat and Tiger

Matt reckons he and Lilian are on the verge of landing that big deal that’ll make all the difference.

He’s in celebratory mood.

So, off to The Bull for dinner, including champers (shared with Jim and Christine. Matt is in a really, really good mood!).

As they’re enjoying their champers, Lilian phone goes off. She leaves the table to take it.

We don’t get to hear Paul, but it’s him. Lilian has to hang up when Matt comes to find her.

[Matt] “Where are you going? Why don’t you just sit here …”

(Matt surely must know what’s been going on!)

Despite previously wishing Lilian had found a rather more suitable chap, Christine reckons they “look particularly content” today.

[Matt] “With this deal, we can really start to enjoy our future.”

[Lilian] “When things are like this, I’m glad we’ve made it this far.”

Ah, but how long will things remain like this?

Matt’s sure to try one on again.

And then there’s Lilian’s big secret.

Alice’s eyeing a job in Canada

Alice is still moaning about her job.

This time to Christine.

Alice again reckons she’s not got enough responsibility. Or using her Masters.

[Christine] “But it’s just not stretching you.”

Later on. Chris (her hubby, rather than Great Aunty (is that right?) Christine) tackles her on Canada. He’s not convinced her sudden interest in Canada was purely innocent.

Alice admits she had found the ideal job in Canada. Something to do with Aerospace in Vancouver.

[Alice] “I was only day dreaming …. It doesn’t have to mean anything.”


It would just so happen that the job has good pay. Cutting edge technology to work on. And one that she’d be very, very interested in.

[Alice] “It’s just a shame it’s in Canada.”

[Chris] “So you’d apply if you could?”

[Alice] “Well, yeah I suppose, in an ideal world.”


Chris though they were settled in Ambridge, especially with him building his business.

[Alice] “I know I shouldn’t have lied. It was only because I knew you’d worry … I’m just being silly. I know we can’t emigrate.”

Was Jennifer right?

Was Chris and Ambridge just not enough for Alice?

Divorce ahoy?

Jim’s not good at turning wood

[Jim] “Let’s just say, I think I’ll stay to word craft.”

Jim’s been interviewing a chap called Fletch Peterson, who is a wood turner, for one of his Borchester Life.

He’s also asked this Fletch Peterson the type of questions he reckons Borchester Life wants him to ask.

First kiss? Stones or The Beatles? Baths or Showers?

Seems Jim is taking the Michael – he’s trying to make the point that these pointless questions have no point.


Okay then, Jim.

Archaeology gig = ideal gap year?

Seems Daniel is ditching his plans to go to America for his gap year. He’s found the US internships to be rather too competitive.

Jim has the perfect plan.

He reckons Daniel should spend his time on an archaeological dig.

[Jim] “You have your entire life to devote to bleeding people dry. Lawyers are the price we pay for civilisation.”

[Chris] “Don’t listen to him Daniel, he’s full of hot air.”

[Daniel] “I never do.”

[Jim] “Archaeology is a voyage into the past. It’s perfect for a young man going out into the world … It’s how I met your grandmother!”

But Daniel reckons a sports internship, and then backpacking, might be a more appropriate plan.

[Christine] “Just ignore him. You go for it!”

Bunty will be 91 soon


Well done Bunty.


Ralph Corderoy said...

Great Aunty (is that right?) Christine

Yes, you're correct. Alice's mother's, Jennifer, father's, Jack Archer, sister, Christine. As she's not a great-aunt through marriage she's also Alice's zeroth cousin, twice removed. :-)

Inga McVicar said...

Ah, many thanks Ralph.

I could have just got my Archers family tree out, but you explained it far better.