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Off to Aintree: Tues 15.01.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 15th January 2013
  • Bert Fry appreciates the Cathedral
  • Bert Horrobin solves another clue
  • Mrs Jones, the B&B lady
  • There’s no racing until April, but Bert Horrobin has his bag
  • The less salubrious surroundings of a betting shop
  • Red Rum!

Bert Fry appreciates the Cathedral

[Bert F] “I’m not a cathedral man myself, but it’s an impressive place.”

I’m sure the Cathedral is grateful!

Bert Horrobin solves another clue

They’ve font a font (hinted in Bob Pullen’s clue), but have no idea what to do next.

So they sit down to have a ponder.

Just as they do, Bert H realises it’s the same angle as in the picture Bob left them. And the poem said:

If you get tired, take a pew

Ah – Bert H reckons it must have something to do with the pew they’re sat on.

[Joe] “I ain’t getting down on all fours looking.”

(my word – Joe really is a grump)

So Jim does. And finds something taped to the underside of the pew. It’s another clue.

If manage to find and read me, you’re half way to a win at Aintree

Which perks Joe right up. He reckons Bob has left him a sure tip at Aintree. But there’s no mention of a horse …

Mrs Jones, the B&B lady

Seems the B&B they’re staying in is rather nice. Joe’s also appreciative of the owner, Mrs Jones.

When she realises he’s THE Joe Grundy, she heads off to get ‘something’ Bob left for him. Seems Bob stayed with her once a year, every year, staying in his room, doing crosswords and often fluttering a few times at the horses.

Congratulations for the clues you know, it’s off to Aintree now you go
In remembrance of Old red Rum, there’s still clue hunting to be done
Watch out for his crisp back leg, it’s worth a packet but no nest egg
The excitement of a £1 enough will set your heart racing through the roof
Take this cash and bet it wise. Ask Mrs Jones, she’s got lucky eyes

Seems Mrs Jones used to help Bob pick the winners.

There’s no racing until April, but Bert Horrobin has his bag

Joe demands to share his £50 betting money with everyone else. He reckons he wouldn’t have got this far if they hadn’t all helped (never a truer word spoken – Joe would have given up a long time ago). They’re proper friends.

Actually, Joe’s getting a bit misty eyed on the topic of friendship.

[Joe] “Bob Pullen deserved a better friend than me … I was never a real friend, and I should have been.”

Joe reckons he only ever really passed the time of day with Bob.

[Bert H] “Sometimes a friendly word is all you need.”

Just as they’re getting ready for the off to Aintree, with Mrs Jones accompanying them, Jim realised they’re not remotely dressed right.

Ah – but Bert Horrobin has something in his bag that will fix that.

All of Bob Pullen’s suits.

(just how big is his bag?!?)

When they get to Aintree, they find a guard.

[Jim] “Can you tell me what time the races start?”

[Guard] “April.”


The less salubrious surroundings of a betting shop

With Aintree closed for the season, they decide that Bob had meant them to bet – so bet they shall.

Though a betting shop isn’t quite as glamorous, they reckon it’ll do.

Mrs Jones picks out a horse called My Cousin Kay at 33-1.

Jim picks out one called Zebedee. Seems Zebedee was the father of James and John, two disciples of Jesus. And had something to do with a font. Which ties into Bob’s clues.

But Mrs Jones proves to be right – My Cousin Kay wins (by a nose).

Red Rum!

(Red Rum always makes me think of The Shining rather than the horse)

After collecting their winnings, they decide that the mention of Red Rum in Bob’s clue must mean the statue of Red Rum at Aintree.

So back they go to Aintree.

The guard is unbelievably helpful. He lets them in, and shows them the statue.

Joe and Mrs Jones surreptitiously have a dig around the statues legs, and find a crisp packet with a stone. And a note.

It’s another clue.

Now you can scatter me to my rest, where St Paul meets St Jude will be the best

Mrs Jones knows exactly what that means.

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