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Lynda wants badger signs: Thurs 24.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 24th January 2013
  • Rob and Brian go shooting
  • Lynda has a plan to save the badgers
  • Vicky’s worried Bethany will go back to hospital
  • That Rob’s a bit odd
  • Ed could help where Will couldn’t
  • Joe quashes Ed’s pride
  • And still on about Bob Pullen

Rob and Brian go shooting

Well, technically Will as well, but he mainly does the beating.

Seems Jennifer has done them a hearty lunch, and Brian’s providing the liquid refreshments.

Brian bags 3 pheasants to Rob’s one.

And they take a turn beating so that Will and the beaters can have a shoot (it’ll be one of the last of the season).

[Brian] “Home  for tea with a  respectable brace of birds, what could be better.”

Lynda has a plan to save the badgers

[Lynda] “Honestly Vicky, I couldn’t believe his callous attitude towards the poor creature.”

Then realising that Vicky may have more important matters in mind …

[Lynda] “I’m sorry Vicky, the last thing you need, I’m sure, is me sounding off about badgers!”

Word has spread that Lynda saved a badge from David.

[Joe] “She can be very emotional, can Lynda Snell, especially when it comes to animals … David Archer would only be satisfied if we culled the lot of them.”

Ed feels a tad caught in the middle because he’s vaccinating them.

Anyhoo – Lynda has a cunning plan.

[Lynda] “And it’s made me feel much more positive about the badgers.”

Badger signs.

Warning road users that they’re about.

Um …

…. Does anyone want to be the one to tell Lynda that the vast majority of badgers found by road sides have been hurt or killed by farmers, who then shove them next to the road to make it look like a car.

Vicky’s worried Bethany will go back to hospital

Vicky’s not sleeping well.

Bethany’s not eating properly.

And Lynda made Vicky cry when she suggested she help by tidying up.

[Vicky, crying] “It’s a tip!”

It’d be an understatement to say that Vicky is a tad stressed.

[Vicky] “If Beth doesn’t put on any more weight, they might take her into hospital, and I couldn’t bear that!”

Vicky feels she’s not doing well enough for Bethany.

But, she perks up later on when the midwife has visited and said she’s pleased with Bethany. She’s put on weight, and is within “normal parameters”.

[Lynda] “It just proves you’re doing all the right things.”

That Rob’s a bit odd

He seems to be going round everyone in Ambridge, delving into their personal life.

Today, it’s Will.

He asks about how he likes his job. His kids. His home.

He’s also met Oliver and Caroline, and has been invited to tea.

[Rob] “It’s good getting a feel for the place.”


What’s he up to?

Genuinely interested in finding out about his neighbours?

Or something a tad more sinister … ?

Ed could help where Will couldn’t

Joe had called Will to ask if he could help shift some cut logs.

Will couldn’t as he was on the shoot, but Ed had time.

Which Ed made sure Joe noticed …

Joe quashes Ed’s pride

Ed’s telling Joe that he doesn’t want to call the farming charity David had mentioned. The one who could help him with a grant to get training, to then be able to shear sheep.

[Joe] “You should never be afraid to ask for help when it could make all the difference to you.”

He makes Ed promise to call the grant folks before they meet for a pint later that night at The Bull.

Which he does. And finds pout that all he needs to do is complete a form, send it back, and get an answer within a few weeks.


He really does himself no favours.

And still on about Bob Pullen

[Joe] “I just wish I could do a bit more to help you Edward.”

[Ed] “I guess Bob Pullen didn’t have a fortune to leave then.”

Joe’s story is that Bob only left a few thousand pounds, to his favourite charity. And his lucky key ring to Joe.

[Joe] “Seems like old Bob Pullen had a sense of humour at the last.”

Aye, and seems like Joe was a good friend, at the last.


caroline_venezia said...

Didn't you find it a bit odd that Rob got invited on the shoot - as far as I know, the only one of Brian's employees ever to do so? Does the amount he earns put him in the right class? :-)

Inga McVicar said...

Ah, fair point.

I think it's Rod's accent as well as pay - but he's also hunted before.

I don't trust him at all.

To Ed, he's a simple dairy lad.

To David, a farmer born and bred.

To the horsey set, a hunter.

hmmm ...

caroline_venezia said...

Mm, I'm sure he's up to something.