Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pat shouts at Tom: Mon 14.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 14th January 2013
  • It’s cold in Ambridge
  • Pat’s being creative with leftovers
  • Lilian likes tinned tomato soup
  • Lilian slips up
  • Tom uses John’s name in vain
  • James unwittingly plays cupid

It’s cold in Ambridge

[Tom] “Especially when you're lifting leeks.”

I’ll bet it is!

Pat’s being creative with leftovers

And she’s even made a pie.

Partly to help warm up Tony and Tom after being out working, but she also wants to have that wee word with Tom about Tony doing some of the morning milking.

Crafty Pat.

Lilian likes tinned tomato soup

How disappointing.

Lilian slips up

Lilian feigns concern that Matt might have felt lonely while she was away.

That’ll be her guilty conscience talking.

Matt was quite happy. He’d taken himself down the pub to have some of Freda’s pie.

(now, titter ye not!)

Matt asked Lilian what her and her mate ‘Judith’ got up to. Lilian didn’t have much of an answer. Apart from saying they ate out at the French restaurant she and Matt had been to.

Matt was surprised to hear that. It’s shut down.


Lilian really is bad at this lying malarkey. But she has said herself that she’s having trouble keeping up, and will make a mistake at some point.

Tom uses John’s name in vain

So, after leftovers and pie, Tom makes Pat say her piece.

He’s assumed they’re going to say Tony will take on the morning milking.

But Tony only has to say a very apologetic ‘no’.

[Tony] “I just don't feel I can take it on again. I hope you understand.”

Tom throws his toys out the pram. He at least waits for Tony to go out and get ice cream from the parlour for their pie.

[Pat] “I don’t want to see you sulking, Tom.”

[Tom, clearly sulking] “I'm not sulking, just disappointed.”

[Pat] “I want to help you too, not at the expense of your father's health.”

[Tom] “My business needs me. Me! Not anybody else … I can't keep being dragged back to keep Bridge Farm going.”

[Pat] “Dragged back! …You are prepared to risk your father's health for the sake of your sausages!”

Ouch! That’s damning. And true.

Later on, Pat and Tom calm down. Once they’ve had their pie, and Tony is in the room.

(Tony and pie seem to have that effect)

Tom apologises, and tries to explain.

[Tom] “When I took on John's business, it wasn’t just a token gesture, I wanted to do something with it ... to make John proud, I suppose.”

Bad, bad, bad Tom.

I reckon he is far more interested in growing his business for his own sake, not for John’s. After all, it’s Tom Archer’s, not John Archer’s.

Tom’s point is that growth needs to happen now, and there may be another chance. Pat reckons they need to think of Bridge Farm as well.

Poor Tony just keep apologising for not being able to do the morning milking.

BUT. Tom has another plan.

He reckons if Tony did the afternoon milking (rather than the morning), and Trevor does the morning shifts Pip doesn’t cover, that’d give him the time he needs to work on his plans for world domination.

Tony reckons that might be a plan.

Which is annoying.

I hate it when Tom gets his way.

James unwittingly plays cupid

Though their weekend was lovely, Paul reckons Lilian would be more comfortable if they met somewhere neutral again. Like a nice hotel.

Lilian appreciates the thought, but can’t get away again. She’s no other excuse.

Then James calls.

He has a hospital appointment, and Leonie can’t take him. Seems her work has finally told her she can’t have any more time off.

[James] “They were quote nasty when she asked!”

So, of course, James wants Lilian to come all the way to London to take him. Rather than just get a taxi. Or ask a friend (must not have a lot of those).

But. Lilian is delighted.

It means she has her excuse.


caroline_venezia said...

Who is this Trevor - don't remember hearing of him before?

Inga McVicar said...

Trevor is the bloke they brought in at Bridge Farm to help with the milking after Tony's heart attack.

He hasn't said much (anything!) so he's easily missed.

caroline_venezia said...

Thanks Inga!