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New Year 2012 in Ambridge (prt 2): 01.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 1st January 2013
  • The Bells
  • Nic and Will’s anniversary
  • Peggy and Jack, married 22 years
  • Alice meets reality with a bump
  • Susan’s loving a full house
  • Tracey had been round
  • Can Jennifer do the catering from her kitchen?

The Bells

Seeing in the bells at Hogmanay is quite literal in Ambridge.

Chris and Neil (joined by Lily) are doing the ringing.

Emma still finds it odd that Chris has taken to ringing with his dad.

[Emma] “Of all the things dad tried to interest him in!”

Seems the Carters had a small party before Neil and Chris had to go down so St Stephens. Now it’s just Emma and Susan at midnight.

They open the windows so they can hear the bells.

[Emma] “Church bells at midnight. It’s so lovely ... Happy new year mum. And let’s hope it’s better than the last one.”

We didn’t really get to hear what the rest of the Ambridge residents got up to.

But are told Eddie looks rough, after a lock in at The Bull (from which Chris only came home at 3am). Jennifer and Brian were at the Lower Loxley ball (though they were ever so quiet). And Alice was too knackered to enjoy it.

Seems her work is getting her down …

Nic and Will’s anniversary

Nic is woke (at the very late hour of 10am), by Will with a cup of tea.

He wishes her Happy New Year and happy anniversary.

It’s one since since they were married.

Will takes Nic to Grey Gables

[Will] “If we want to order omelette or pancakes, Ian would be happy to provide.”

(that’s what they’d had at Grey Gables for their wedding breakfast)

Nic's far more excited about the standard menu. She even eyes up the pheasant. As Will points out, he’s surprised she isn’t bored of pheasant. Lucky she’s not (well, at least not already).

[Nic] “It’s been the best year of my life”

And it’s been the best behaviour from Will of his whole life.

Nic being able to manage Will has been a blessing for us all.

Peggy and Jack, married 22 years


So Jennifer’s taking Peggy to see him, and Alice insists she also comes along as support for Peggy.

Jack probably won’t recognise any of them.


Alice meets reality with a bump

I do like Alice. Though she can’t be a bit of a spoilt Princess, she’s managed to escape the worst of Jennifer and Brian’s snobbery.

She’s also worked her to get her degree and MSC.

But, Alice is now falling prey to the attitude that a lot of graduates seem to have – that they’ve got the qualifications, so don’t need to work their way up.

(I graduated in something so useless my only option was to work my way up!)

She’s bored at work.

[Alice] “I just feel like they’re making a point … like I’m the office junior and must do what I’m told.”

Alice would be happier to have “creative responsibility”. Seems she’s not happy “churning out routine stuff” for her boss Brendan, whom she’s also not too fond of.

[Alice] “He’s just a  bit smarmy. He treats me like I’m some glorified intern.”

Though she’s glad of the wage, not only does Alice think her work should be more high level, she also seems to think she’d not doing as well as some of her fellow graduates.

One lass call Chloe is in Toulouse “working on the next generation of passenger jets’, and a chap called Felix is in Singapore earning “squillions”.

[Alice] “I’m in Ramsbury churning out widgets …”

Jennifer tells Alice to give it time, and also remember that other folks will be exaggerating.

Though, is Alice starting to regret tying herself to home?

Trouble ahoy for her and Chris?

Susan’s loving a full house

Susan tells Nic that she’s enjoying having her grandkids in her home.

[Susan] “I love that house, and we’d never move, but it’s much too big for the both of us.”

(Susan wasn’t saying that when it was Tracey and her brood in residence …)

Tracey had been round

Seems Tracey had been round to see Emma while Neil was out, and Susan had been at the park (where she bumped into Nic). Course, that’s already happened in Ambridge extra (see

Emma tells Susan all about it. That she and Tracey are reconciled:

[Susan] “That’s made my day.”

And that it was Tracey who’d grassed on Clive.

Only worry left for Susan is why on earth Clive was in Ambridge in the first place.

Is Donna’s secret safe with Tracey?

Can Jennifer do the catering from her kitchen?

Or does Jennifer have a separate kitchen for the shoot food?


caroline_venezia said...

Ramsbury, right... Have we ever heard of Ramsbury before?

Inga McVicar said...

We haven't much, but it's seemingly about 20 miles from Ambridge (but I had to look that up).