Saturday, 26 January 2013

Matt burnt the crumpets: Tues 22.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 22nd January 2012
  • Matt talks fire alarm
  • Was it really Jennifer this time?
  • Henry’s not for sharing
  • Rob is Brian’s long lost son?
  • Team Pusscat and Tiger, back together
  • “The fleshpots of Liverpool”

Matt talks fire alarm

Matt lets Lilian sleep in today. He sounds rather chirpy.

He even gets some crumpets on the go for their breakfast.

Which he then duly burns, setting off the fire alarm.

[Matt] “Okay, enough!”

And with that, the fire alarm shuts up.

So, they decide to go to The Bull for breakfast instead.

[Matt] “We can sample a proper farmhouse breakfast amongst the milk churns.”

Was it really Jennifer this time?

As Lilian was waking up, her phone went.

She told Matt it was just Jennifer.

Was it?

Or was it Paul trying to get in touch again?

Henry’s not for sharing

Helen reckons he’s totally out of control.

Lucky enough for Helen, Emma’s also just come in to take Keira to playgroup as well.

[Emma] “You should see Keira when she throws a strop.”

[Helen] “I try to be firm, but I just cave in.”

Emma tells Henry that he’s a big lad, and the toy he’s hoarding is for a wee girl. So he best give it up while they find him a new one. In the meantime, Keira even shares her favourite bunny with him.

[Helen] “Aw, they’re not babies long.”

[Emma] “Now they’re at  the stage where no doesn’t do the trick.”

[Helen] “Being doted on by his grandparents gives Henry a false sense of importance.”

Emma knows that feeling all too well.

Actually, they both have a lot in common these days. Kids about the same age. And they’re both back at home,  living with their folks.

[Helen] “I’ve turned into a stroppy teenager again.”

Rob is Brian’s long lost son?

Probably not – but Matt reckons they’re much of a muchness.

[Matt] “Sounds like he’s got that sort of confidence, been to the right school, knows the right people …”

Team Pusscat and Tiger, back together

Matt has a new proposition for Lilian.

Seems there’s a consortium who are buying a Victorian Papermill, which they want Amside to come in on.

It sounds like a grand deal.

And, Lilian genuinely seems to have a nice time with Matt, while having breakfast.

[Matt] “Yeah, I’m glad I burnt those crumpets now … You must know what you mean to me, Pusscat.”

[Lilian, staring to cry] “Oh Matt …”

Well, if they are back to normal, it’s with a heavy heart on Lilian’s part.

“The fleshpots of Liverpool”

As Matt and Lilian have their breakfast amongst the milk churns in The Bull:

[Lilian] “All it needs now is Joe Grundy to appear with a straw clamped in his teeth.”

Matt then retells (perfectly) the story Amy had told last night in Ambridge Extra about Joe being most upset over Bert Fry’s ode to their trip.

[Matt] “Luckily the pitch folks were safely bolted to the walls.”

Rumours are still abound as to whether Bob Pullen had actually left Joe any hard cash.

[Matt] “Well if he did get anything, I’m sure he blew it in the fleshpots of Liverpool.”


*shudder* at the very thought.


Ralph Corderoy said...

Matt sounds a tad envious; do we know anything of that rake Aldridge's adolescent education?

Inga McVicar said...

That's a good question. I always just assumed he was of Public School fodder due to his passion for Ruairi to go to one.