Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ed asks Mike for (please sir!): Tues 08.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 8th January 2013
  • Lilian's in a foul mood
  • Tom's pleased with himself
  • Vicky's an animal
  • Brenda doesn't need to hear Mike and Vicky's sexual habits
  • Ed asks for more from Mike
  • Sabrina likes Rod
  • Neil sits on the plumped cushions
  • Rickyard’s being redecorated

Lilian's in a foul mood

According to Brenda.

But we didn't get to find out why.

What did Paul say to her yesterday?

Tom's pleased with himself

When is he ever not? Sounds like he is up to usual form:

[Brenda] "Oh you know, same as ever, do with two tails."

Though it sounds like Brenda hates to admit it (she really isn't very amused with him right now), Tom has a right to be smug. His hampers sold well. And his ready meals aren't slowing down neither.


Vicky's an animal

Vicky is very close to having her baby.

She's feeling rather useless. Though Mike thinks she's quite decorative.

[Vicky] "I'm like an elephant."

[Mike] "A decorative elephant then."


Later on:

[Vicky] “I feel like  great blubbery seal.”

[Mike] “She was an elephant this morning!”

(not so aw … he should have kept the decorative patter on the go).

Brenda doesn't need to hear Mike and Vicky's sexual habits

Vicky is ready to pop.

In fact, she's desperate to.

Brenda helpfully suggests a hot curry.

`Vicky poo-poos the idea. She's heard it and done it.

That. And pineapple. And lots of sex ...

[Vicky] "We're tried them all, haven't we Mike?"

[Mike] "um ..."

Poor Brenda.

Ed asks for more from Mike

[Ed] “The fact is, to be honest with you Mike, things have been a bit tight lately ... I realised things started to go wrong for me when you dropped the price of the milk. When you started paying me less.”

Mike’s horrified.

He reckons if he hadn’t dropped his price for his customers, and therefore started paying Ed less, they’d both have gone under. It was all the supermarket’s fault – they dropped their prices, so did the smaller chaps.

But, As Ed points out, the supermarkets have put their prices up, after the Dairy farmers protest.
Yet since then, Mike hasn’t put his prices back up. Ed’s hearing other dairy farmers are back to getting 5p more for their milk.

Ed only wants an extra penny.

(Actually – Ed does have a point. Seems Mike choses his reasons to suit himself, at times)

Mike starts to get furious. He doesn’t need to get that sort of stress from Ed eight now – not with the baby on the way. It would be a horrific time to take a gamble with his business by outing his prices back up, and possibly alienating his customers.

[Mike] “We're doing okay. We're getting back. Let's not mess with things. Let's not rock the boat.”


I don’t think Mike quite understands how bad things are for Ed.

When Mike tells Vicky, she’s outraged.

[Vicky] “From the sounds of it, he thinks you’re raking it in at his expense!”

She also reckons both Mike and Ed would have gone under if Mike hadn’t dropped his pay to Ed, and dropped his prices to his customers.

Sounds like Vicky is also clueless about Ed and Emma. Well, I suppose she would be. Their pride has meant they’ve kept quiet.

Vicky actually thinks Ed and Emma are well sorted living at Susan’s. A lovely big house, lots of space.

When she and Mike are later round at Susan and Neil’s (and Ed and Emma stay upstairs), Vicky can’t hold her peace.

[Vicky] “Do you know what Ed did this afternoon? Asked Mike to pay him more for the milk!”

Neil and Susan are shocked, but move the conversation quickly onto  having a drink.

Wonder where the loyalties will lie this time.

Sabrina likes Rod

Seems Sabrina and Rod had a rare old chat when he was in the village shop. She reckons he’s a nice young man (according to Susan).

Though rumours are circulating about whether he’s married. He is, but he has been seen buying small loaves of bread, toilet roll and the like from the village supermarket.

Neil doesn’t get Susan’s train of thought.

Why would such a  shop mean his wife isn’t around? “Catering for himself”, she reckons:

[Susan] “Well if he had a wife, she'd get that stuff herself at the supermarket.”

To prove a point, she asks Neil how much all of that would cost in the village shop.

He has no ken.

Point proven.

A wife would know the village shop is far too expensive.

Neil sits on the plumped cushions

Just after Susan had plumped them.

Nae need!

Rickyard’s being redecorated

Not that Ed and Emma left it in bad shape.

David and Ruth just need to make money from it.

Emma will be sad.


Ralph Corderoy said...

I heard this bit of eavesdropping, first one in ages...

If Mike can't see he needs to raise prices after the supermarkets did similar then it's nothing but a vanity business subsidised by Ed, who can't afford it. The public are all too familiar with inflation on food over the last couple of years, Ed's extra 1p/litre would be at most 1p on a 568ml doorstep pint, surely?

But it was Vicky that was really annoying. It reminded me how much I dislike her. If this was fiction, I'd be hoping for a sticky end for the second Mrs Mike Milk-Baron Tucker.

Inga McVicar said...

I see your point. Mike's argument would be, I suppose, be that he needs to be extra competitive on price, as the 'personal service' just isn't enough to keep his customers away from the supermarkets.

BUT you and Ed are right that Mike is ignoring the supermarkets putting their price back up.

Mike really isn't thinking very clearly at the moment, I suppose.

I have slowly developed a liking for Vicky, but she can be far too irrational and pushy. I still think Ed's forgotten she paid for his herd to be expanded.

This could get nasty.