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Bob Pullen’s secret is revealed: Thurs 17.01.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 17th January 2013
  • The rest of the second final clue
  • Just who is Mrs Jones?
  • The final clue
  • Joe’s sad
  • Bert has an inappropriate joke
  • Secrets
  • Mrs Jones wants to know more
  • Joe, the executor

The rest of the second final clue

(from yesterday)

You can scatter me to my rest where St Paul’s meets St Jude’s, would be best
My journey’s end out of the cold unstable where I ate church gold
If you do this one last quest, you will lay me to my final rest

They all take a moment to try and work out what this one means.

So they have a sit.

A moment later, still nothing

So, Jim gets them all to remember the new parts of Bob Pullen they’ve learnt about.

He likes a wee bet. Liverpool. Poems. Good suits.

And crosswords.

Ah ha!

Jim works out from the clue that they had to solve an anagram to find: Old Church Gate.

Bert Fry wasn’t as close.

[Bert F] “A clutch red hog … well, it uses all the letters.”


Just who is Mrs Jones?

When they work out Old Church Gate, Mrs Jones goes white, and knows exactly which one they mean.

Jean Sutherland, 1929-2001.

Mrs Jones’ mum.

[Jim] “I think this could be what is known as a delicate situation, Bert”.

It would seems that Mrs Jones and Bob Pullen were rather more than passing acquaintances. Not that Mrs Jones even know her mum knew Bob Pullen.

That’s rather a chick to Mrs Jones. The nice chap who had stayed with her once a year, every year, was her dad.

And he never said a thing.

The final clue

Morbidly, was to be found in Mrs Jones’ mum’s urn.

This time, they found Bob’s last Will and Testament.

In it, Bob left Joe his lucky key ring.

[Bob to Joe] “I hope his friends value his friendship as much as I did.”

(Joe more or less starts to cry)

And Bob left £3000, and all his photos, to his “natural daughter”, Mrs Sarah Jones.

[Bob to Sarah] “Who I have had the pleasure of visiting each and every year on the event of her birthday.”

Seems Mrs Jones’ mum had told her that her dad was a man she loved, but never married.

Bob also made Joe the trustee and executor of his will.

Joe’s sad

After reconvening to the pub, Bert Fry calls a toast to “absent friends”.

[Joe] “Something I’m ashamed to say I’ve taken for granted.”

Bert has an inappropriate joke

[Bert H] “The old dog, Bob Pullen the birds.”

Actually, that’s quite clever.


Out of respect to Bob and Mrs Jones’ mother, Bert, Bert, Jim and Joe decide to keep their new found knowledge a secret.

Bert also has a secret he wants kept in the group.

[Bert F] “You won’t tell her I had chewing gum!”

Especially as Freda was right about the horrors of chewing gum. It repeated on him quite badly.

Did he eat it?

Mrs Jones wants to know more

Mrs Jones asks Bert, Bert, Jim and Joe to stay on for a few more days. Now that she knows Bob was her dad, she wants to know more about him.

They all agree.

I don’t suppose her fabulous hospitality (and full English breakfasts) had much to do with that …

Joe, the executor

Joe invites everyone out to lunch.

Oh him.

They’re stunned.

[Joe] “If you can’t treat your friends know and then, what kind of life is it?”

Joe now feels an overwhelming sense of obligation to Bob Pullen as the executor of his will.

[Joe] “I don’t suppose if any of you gentleman happen to know if executors get paid, do you?”


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