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Joe and Bert (Fry) ransack Bob Pullen’s: 01.01.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 1st January 2013
  • Poochy gets 4 biscuits
  • Clive’s away for 4 years
  • Tracey apologises to Emma
  • All sorted?
  • Have Joe and Bert (Fry) no shame?
  • What was in Bob’s letter to Joe?

Poochy gets 4 biscuits

All in one go.

Lucky Poochy!

[Tracey] “Where would we be without you eh, your big scary teeth!”

[Donna] “She won’t have any teeth left if you feed her like that!”

Thank goodness Poochy and Bert interrupted Clive’s fury when they did. They must have turned the secret microphones away from the worst of Clive’s insults as both Donna and Tracey think it was horrific:

[Tracey] “Some if it wasn’t even physically possible.”

[Donna] “The evil look on his face, if your dad hadn’t come back when he did …”

Clive’s away for 4 years

Seems Clive is definitely being kept in, has formally been recalled to prison and will now be in for 4 years.

[Donna] “We did it. Me and you Tracy we got him!”

Thank goodness they did.

Tracey apologises to Emma

Recent events have made Tracey realise a lot about herself, and the true meaning of family.

First off, she’s being far nicer to Donna.

When Donna tells her she put her own handbag in the washing machine (Donna’s mind is all over the shop), rather than berating her, Tracey just makes a friendly dig:

[Tracey] “Dozy mare!”
[Tracey] “We’re safe, we put him away, he can’t get us anymore … I only got one thing to say to you, Happy New Year!”

Next we hear of Tracey is her turning up at Susan’s with a bunch of flowers.

She’s there to see Emma.

Emma’s at first reticent to even let Tracey in, but the flowers at least get the doors open.

Tracey admits that she shouldn’t have said to Emma all the nasty things she did.

[Emma] “Grassing up family was all you were worried about, not what Keith had done … I’m supposed to be grateful am I, Tracey’s brought some flowers!”

Emma’s not interested in Tracey’s apologies, until Tracey tells her she was the one who called the Police on Clive.

[Tracey] “You were right to do what you did Emma, I know that now … I'm ashamed of myself. That’s why I’ve come to say sorry.”

Tracey’s realised she should have been on Emma and George’s side, rather than Keith’s.

[Tracey] “I was protecting the wrong ones, wasn’t I … I was wrong, and I know it now.”

Emma finally listens and relents, accepting Tracey’s apology.


That’s the Horrobin family happy together again (apart from those in prison!).

All sorted?

Donna’s on the phone to Keith. He’s obviously told her what to do, and she’s done it – including sending a letter to their mortgage folks to tell them about the financial issues, and setting up a direct debit with the energy company.

They also seem to have got their mojo back for each other.

[Donna] “I really don’t deserve you.”

[Keith, sarcastically] “Course you don’t. I’m such a good catch … I think we’re broken the back of it … Things will calm down now.”


Has everyone forgotten about Clive?

Unless Clive is definitely going to another prison?!?

Have Joe and Bert (Fry) no shame?

This was truly bizarre.

Seems Bob Pullen left instructions for Jill to give Joe his house key, so that Joe could take whatever clothes he wanted.

Makes sense when you consider they weren’t far off in age, and Bob had no family.

But rather odd considering the way Joe often treated Bob (quite badly).

Joe’s decided Bert (of the Fry rather than the Horrobin variety) accompany him.

To confuse matters, they’re chatting about Bert (Horrobin) as they go in. They commiserating with Bert (Horrobin) about his sons:

[Joe] “Poor old Bert Horrobin. I wouldn’t like to be on me deathbed with them around me.”

Bert reckons they’d be into your pockets. Which isn’t far off what Clive did to Ivy, but a tad unfair on Gary. Unless there happened to be something Star Trek related of course.

They first have a laugh at Bob’s TV. Seems it’s a large old yin, which doesn’t come with a remote control.

[Joe] “You put in on now, I bet it plays Z Cars!”

Then Joe decides Bert should also take a keepsake. Which Bert does, from Bob’s ‘smalls’ drawer.

[Joe] “Brand new y-fronts these are. Still in the packet.”

(even still!)

Then they discovered Bob had a stack of suits. Joe reckons he and Bert should try some of them on to then take away.

[Bert] “It don’t feel right trying on his clothes.”

[Joe] “Well he don’t need them.”

I take Joe’s point, but there is something a tad disrespectful trying on Bob’s clothes in Bob’s house. He’s really not that long dead.

Then again, at Joe and Bert’s age, I suppose death just becomes a routine, practical matter.

Anyhoo, back onto the suits.

[Joe] “Reminds me of dressing up and going to dances just after the war. And that feeling when you were young that anything was possible.”

What was in Bob’s letter to Joe?

Ah, that Bob Pullen knew his Joe Grundy.

He must have known Joe would eye up, and open, his writing desk.

As that’s exactly where Bert found a letter from Bob to Joe.

Though Joe doesn’t want to open it at first. He’s worried it’ll cost him – that Bob will want him to pay for and organise an all-singing, all-dancing funeral.

[Joe] “Horses with plums, men and kilts with bagpipes …”

But Bert reckons it would more likely be good news. Could be cash. Or a cheque. Or premium bonds. Or the deeds for a holiday cottage …

That encourages Joe to open.

When he does, he’s shocked.

But that’s where the secret microphones leave us …

Wonder what it was!

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