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Bethany Clair Tucker: born Wed 16.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 16th January 2012
  • It was a very loud birth
  • Bethany had a quiet start
  • Brenda meets her new sister
  • Mike sounded like Pa Larkin
  • Tony tries to put his foot down

It was a very loud birth

My word, Vicky certainly didn’t hold back!

And Mike did a very job of reminding her about her breathing, and the like.

Bethany had a quiet start

She came out not crying, floppy and blue.

Vicky and Mike were quite panicked.

But the midwife (who wasn’t Amy, by the way) took her off to get more oxygen. Seems some babies just need that extra bit of help.

But not to worry.

Bethany was fine.

Brenda meets her new sister

[Mike] “Hello love, come and meet your new sister.”

[Vicky] “Bethany Claire.”

[Mike] “The most beautiful baby in the world.”

[Brenda] “Oh Vicky, how clever of you.”

Actually, if Bethany wasn’t Brenda’s sister, I would have said she was quite clucky …

Mike sounded like Pa Larkin

Mike and Vicky are beyond delighted with Bethany. Vicky reckons she has Mike’s nose.

Mike was very relieved he didn’t faint. Vicky was beyond happy Mike was there, and Mike was beyond happy Brenda had waited all night in the waiting room to give him support.

All the worry about Bethany when she was first born is forgotten. They now seem to think the birth was a breeze.

[Vicky] “Not even the bit when I swore at you and said it was all your fault.”

[Mike] “That was just transition, I read all about it.”

(oh Mike …)

AND seems Vicky did it all just on gas and air. No wonder she was making such a  racket!

Mike both she and Bethany are “perfect”.


(and how very Darling Buds of May)

Tony tries to put his foot down

After having pondered, Tony thinks Tom such be concentrating on the relaunched Ambridge Organics until it establishes itself properly. Rather than his own brand Tom Archer’s.

Tom reckons that he has enough time for every part of the business. And that each part of the business will support the other.

[Tony] “We feel more than they’re in competition, for your time certainly.”

(to be fair to Tom, he then stops their conversation to check when Brenda last called about Vicky and her baby. He does have a heart!)

[Tony] “With the best will in the world, something has to suffer. Your mum and I think it will be Bridge Farm.”

So, there’s a slight impasse.

Tom reckons he needs to concentrate on only the things that Tom can do. Tony reckons the whole family needs to concentrate on the core of the business.

Well, we know what will happen.

Tom will get his way, eventually.

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caroline_venezia said...

Wasn't the Bethany's arrival (well, maybe the post-arrival scenes, to be accurate) nice? I did cry.

Ah, we were relying on you to clarify if the midwife was or wasn't Amy - I thought she sounded like her initially, but then not.