Monday, 7 January 2013

More of Rob, more moaning from Lilian: Mon 07.01.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 7th January 2013
  • Rob likes the Super Dairy
  • Super Dairies are better than Windfarms
  • Lilian’s running from Matt
  • Lilian’s moaning about Whitby (once again!)
  • Jennifer has to make her own Quince and Apple Pie
  • Brian’s shocked
  • Rob and Adam talked arable
  • Seems Rob is a looker
  • Rob would love a ghost
  • What’s Paul said to Lilian?

Rob likes the Super Dairy

And wouldn’t change a thing (so far), much to Brian’s delight.

Super Dairies are better than Windfarms

According to Brian.

He reckons they’re better for the environment, and don’t involve high wind turbines.

Brian’s very peeved that renewables get better subsidies.

Lilian’s running from Matt

She’s escaped to birthday girl Jennifer’s.

[Jennifer] “Matt has driven you out of the house?”

[Lilian] “Not deliberately … just excessively attentive … I just can’t sum up any enthusiasm at the moment. All I want to do is slump on the sofa with a hot water bottle.”

I would feel sorry for Matt for being so needy around Lilian, but Lilian doing anything other than be round him, if he hadn’t brought this all on himself.

Lilian’s moaning about Whitby (once again!)

Goodness me Lilian.

Give it a rest!

[Lilian] “I know that her generation were brought up to be spartan, but having discovered the joys of indoor plumbing and central heating, why do they feel compelled to visit the awful discomfort of their youth?”

Lilian’s even complaining that she’d got herself and Peggy an expensive hotel, yet only slept in it.

Imagine that!

Using a hotel as … erm … a hotel … the shame!

Now, I do adore our Lilian.

But she is really starting to irritate with her incredibly selfish and self-centred behaviour.

Peggy deserves better.

Jennifer has to make her own Quince and Apple Pie

Well, no-one else seems to be making an effort for her birthday.

But Jennifer’s not concerned. She’s happy just to have the family round later.

[Jennifer] “I’ve had quite enough birthdays for one lifetime.”

Brian’s shocked

[Jennifer] “You haven’t walked out, have you?”

Alice turns up at Jennifer’s during the day, looking to help with the birthday gathering.

Jennifer’s worried she’s walked out of her job.

Seems not.

Alice finished all the work she had to do last week (blimey! That does sound awful), so her boss gave her the afternoon off after she’d said she wanted to help with her mum’s birthday do.

(that boss sounds alright, actually)

Brian’s horrified to hear that Alice isn’t happy with her very undemanding work. He assumed the world would be “her oyster”.

Sorry Brian.

It is tough out there. Even for Aldridges.

Rob and Adam talked arable

I admit I didn’t listen in …

I’m with David on this one.

Arable is rather dull.

Seems Rob is a looker

[Alice] “He’s rather lovely. Shame he’s married.”

[Brian] “Excuse me. Does Christopher know you’re eyeing up other men?”

Brian Aldridge … the cheek!

Rob would love a ghost

That’s rather odd.

The Aldridges (and a Carter, a Bellamy, plus a Macy) were telling Rob about Blossom Cottages history.

Peggy used to live there.

Then Ralph Bellamy owned it. After he died, Lilian. Then, of course, there was the whole Kate and Grundy boys’ shenanigans.

They even went back as far as when it belonged to the Lawson-Hope estate (didn’t the Lady leave Blossom Cottage to Doris?)

Rob was very keen that Blossom Cottage had rumours of a ghost.

[Adam] “Ask Joe Grundy. He’s the local ghost expert.”

[Jennifer] “Half of Joe's tales of the supernatural are a product of his imagination.”

[Rob] “I don’t mind. A fictional ghost will do just as well as the real one.”

What’s Paul said to Lilian?

Lilian’s phone rings, so she takes the call in Jennifer’s kitchen.

When Alice goes into the kitchen, Lilian’s finished her call. And seems rather upset.

[Lilian] “Best laid plans, an all that …”

Lilian obviously couldn’t explain more to Alice, so we didn’t get to hear an explanation.

What’s happened now?

Lilian just depressed about Whitby over Dubai?

Or has Paul broken off?


Ruby said...

I think it was a different cottage that Lady L-H left to Doris. In turn, Doris left it to Shula. Shula (and Alistair) lived there before moving to The Stables. Not sure what happended to it. Hang on, yes I do. I think Phil and Jill bought it from Shula. Would it be Honeysuckle Cottage?

Inga McVicar said...

Ah - I had to look it up again - Doris was left Glebe Cottage. Jill still lives there?