Friday, 11 January 2013

Hellin (aka Cheesestraw) is back: Fri 11.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 11th January 2013
  • How many Matt’s does it take to change a light bulb?
  • Helen and Henry are back
  • Kenton’s vague on bacon and sausages
  • Tony wants his cows back
  • Peggy had a marvellous time, despite Lilian …
  • Will Matt and Peggy gang up?
  • Lilian stands-up Matt

How many Matt’s does it take to change a light bulb?

Just the one.

Peggy called the Dower House to speak to Lilian, and was slightly panicked to be told by Matt that Lilian was up and out at the “crack of dawn”. Lilian claimed she needed to check up on their builders.

[Peggy] “The crack of dawn? That doesn’t sound like her.”

Peggy knows …

And it isn’t Dawn’s crack Lilian was getting up …

(sorry! That’s a bit rude).

… she’s arranged to go round to Paul’s hotel.

Such news sends Peggy into a flap. Lilian’s supposed to drive her to the Laurel’s this afternoon. And Peggy’s porch light has gone. She needs someone to fix it.

So, surprising to himself and probably also Peggy, Matt offers to do the honours.

Helen and Henry are back


I do miss Helen when she goes silent (though am not too fussed about Henry, to be honest).

Helen and Tom were talking about having given a (very grateful) Rich snowboarding questions for his Christmas.

And seems Henry is becoming rather active.

[Tom] “Uh oh, what’s Henry up to?”

[Helen] “Covered in mud, no doubt.”

Seems he’s up and about, very close to working out how to pen doors and gates. The gates could be a disaster waiting to happen …

[Tom] “He always seems to find the muddiest part of the yard to fall in.”

Tony reckons John, Helen and Tom were just the same when they were wee.

[Tony] “Gotta eat a peck of dirt, that’s what they say.”

When Tony has to babysit later on:

[Pat] “If he gets really excited, there’s always CBeebies.”


If the yard fails to tire him out, stick him in front of the telly.

Kenton’s vague on bacon and sausages
According to Tom. He wants him to firm things up for Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

Tom’s also parking his gourmet burger van outside of Ambridge Organics for the week.

Heady times!

Tony wants his cows back

Tony spotted that Tom isn’t too happy doing the milking.

Well, with Tom’s constant moaning, it’d be hard not to.

[Tony] “It takes up too much of your value time … time when you’d rather be doing other things … it’s time I got back in the saddle.”

Tony reckons he’s fit and well nowadays, and wants to get back to being a full worker on the farm.

Though he’ll have to get Pat to agree first …

Which shouldn’t be a problem, as Helen’s already paved the way. She was telling Pat that Tom is frustrated.

Pat feels guilty anyway because she and Tony depend on Tom and Helen, so shouldn’t be long before Tony’s back a-milking.

(Pat shouldn’t feel guilty, though. It’s meant to be a family business)

Peggy had a marvellous time, despite Lilian …

[Matt] “I don’t know what you two got up to in Whitby … she’s been in a funny mood ever since she got back.”

Peggy thinks she must have tired Lilian out (ha! Peggy will be 89 this year, Lilian will be a mere 66!).

[Peggy] “I found Whitby so invigorating. Came back feeling 10 years younger.”

Well, I’m glad Peggy didn’t seem to notice Lilian was miserable in Whitby.

That would have been a  real shame, if her wee trip down memory lane had been ruined.

Will Matt and Peggy gang up?

After Matt and Peggy have had a good natter about Lillian, Peggy has a word with (well, at) Lilian.

(Lilian had remembered about taking Peggy to the Laurels, by the way)

Peggy agrees with Matt that Lilian has been in a “funny mood”. Lilian tells her it’s just she’s so busy after Christmas.

[Lilian] “It’s not like you to have long conversations with Matt about my health.”

Better watch out Lilian.

They’ll compare notes, and catch you out …

Lilian stands-up Matt

At least she let him know first.

Matt shocked Lilian when he told her that he’d been round helping Peggy.

She was even more shocked to hear his rather glowing admiration of Peggy:

[Matt] “Visiting week in and week out when he’s not really there anymore, just this strange old man who happens to look like Jack … she’s such an intrepid old bird.”

Then, onto Whitby:

[Matt] “Her version of events was a bit different from yours … she seems to have had a whale of a time.”

Lilian’s quite naughty in repeating something Paul had said (about how the worst stories make the best stories). Then Matt recounts a rather wild weekend in Amsterdam. Which makes Lilian laugh.

That’s the first time Matt’s heard her laugh, in an age.

[Matt] “You haven’t been a  happy bunny this week.”

He wants them to have a nice, relaxing weekend.

But Lilian tells him she’s off to London.

Seems the Judith Morrison from Guernsey is now in London. She’s phoned to say she’ll only be there Saturday, as she and her hubby are then moving to Dubai.

(oh Lilian! What a shockingly rubbish lie!)

[Lilian] “Sorry Matt. I’ll make it up to you. Promise.”



Hugo said...

HURRAH! Helen's back. I'm so glad, I could change a light-bulb (now I've had detailed instructions from Matt).

Inga McVicar said...

Hmmm ... is that sarcasm?

Though a big *snort* re the light-bulb :)