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Poor badger: Wed 23.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 23rd January 2013
  • Pure llama wool cot blanket
  • Bethany’s still not eating properly
  • Ed’s frustrating David
  • Jim’s not amused by the final Ifty article
  • Freddie passed his maths test
  • Lewis and Bert are having a spat
  • Rumours about Liverpool
  • Scruff finds a badger

Pure llama wool cot blanket

You won’t need three guesses as to who gifted that to Bethany, Vicky and Mike.

Bethany’s still not eating properly

Though Vicky is persevering.

[Mike] “You’re not giving up?”

[Vicky] “She’s worth it.”

Though the midwife was happy enough with Bethany, and Jill was over and also pronounced her a well and happy child, Vicky still seems unsure.

[Mike] “I can’t wait to take her out and show her off.”

So while Vicky seems to be struggling s a new mum, Mike seems to be flourishing. He’s managing to stay up all night, then do his work.

[Mike] “Must’ve given me a new lease of life!”

Ed’s frustrating David

Seems Ed’s been talking to other Penny Hassett lamb chaps – they’d all use him for sheep shearing, if he had the training.

But, Ed’s being negative. He reckons he could do a course in May, but it’d cost £100, plus travel, and he’d need someone to cover his milking.

So, he’s ready to give up.

David tells him about the grant scheme that the RABI (The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution) offers to famers looking to diversify, but can’t afford their training.

Ed doesn’t sound keen.

When Ed leaves, and Ruth comes along:

[David] “Ed. Sometimes I just want to shake him.”

Jim’s not amused by the final Ifty article

[Jim] “Oh really, Mozart or Florence and the Machine … a villa in Tuscany, or a cottage in Cornwall … would say you are touchy feely, or stiff upper lip …”

Seems Jim’s interview with Ifty was accompanied by a list of “fluffy” questions Borchester Life had asked Ifty, without Jim’s knowledge.

[Lynda] “I did warn you about the entirely unprincipled way Glen Whitehouse can behave.”

Seems Glen has told Him that he:

[Jim] “readers like a lighter side to the character profiles … perhaps I’d like to include it myself in future!”

Jim wants to quite, but Christine is insisting that he sticks to the “bitter end” of doing his interviews.

No idea why Christine is so keen. It only seems to be antagonising Jim.

Freddie passed his maths test

He and Elizabeth are well chuffed!

Lewis and Bert are having a spat

They’re meant to be working together on the ‘day in the life’ exhibition at Lower Loxley.

But seems Lewis cracked on with researching Nigel’s Uncle Rupert and Mrs Hoskins the cook while Bert was in Liverpool.

That’s upset Bert.

Anyhoo, I’m sure they’ll make up in time to open the storyboards and monologues for visitors to enjoy.

Rumours about Liverpool

Lynda was very intrigued, and tried to get the truth out of Jim while they took Scruff for a walk.

Seems Jill was “very surprised” that Bob left a letter, and that it had something to do with Liverpool.

[Lynda] “Seems odd that Joe was chosen, they were hardly bosom pals!”

Ach well.

Those not in the know will just have to keep guessing.

Bob’s secret seems safe enough with Bert, Bert, Jim and Joe.

Scruff finds a badger

For a horrible moment it seemed Scruff was pulling Lynda off to have a look at the Ambridge Beast …

… but it was, this time, a badly injured badger.

Jim and Lynda reckon it must have got hit by a car, and had been laying there some time.

David happens to happen by.

[David] “Probably the best thing would be for me to go back and get my gun.”

[Lynda] “You can’t just shoot it. Clearly it needs proper treatment!”

[David] “Any animal as badly injured as that deserves a swift end.”

[Lynda] “It’s not up to you to decide!”

[David] “As far as I’m concerned, the fewer badgers the better.”

Horrified, Lynda calls Patrick. He arranges for an animal rescue charity to collect and care for the badger.

David calls Ruth.

[David] “All I can say is they better not bring the blasted thing back here!”

When Ruth gets off the phone:

[Ed] “Everything okay?”

[Ruth] “Badgers!”

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