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Vicky and Mike’s baby is on her way: Tues 15.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 15th January 2013
  • Flour for Rob Titchner
  • Vicky wants to give birth
  • Lilian’s annoying Jennifer
  • Brian wears reading glasses
  • Susan interrogates Rob
  • Brian’s being quite hilarious
  • Vicky’s water breaks

Flour for Rob Titchner

Jennifer’s making supper, but she’s run out of flour. She has Rob Titchner joining them.

[Susan] “You decide to make something, look in the cupboard, and there it isn’t.”

Susan really is very taken with Rob.

[Susan] “It’s always interesting when new people come to the village.”

She actually seems quite territorial about him, and didn’t seem to like Jennifer being slightly more intimate.

[Susan] “Bet I know more about him than she does.”

What on earth are you on about now, Susan?

Vicky wants to give birth

[Vicky] “I can’t believe this baby is ever going to be born.”

She’s in at the shop, buying Phoebe crunch cream biscuits, and hoping the walk to and from the shop will induce labour.

Though Phoebe nearly didn’t get her biscuits. Vicky nearly left without them.

[Vicky] “What am I like!”

[Susan] “A very pregnant woman.”

Lilian’s annoying Jennifer

[Jennifer] “Lilian is just so irritating!”

Seems Lilian has told Jennifer she can’t take Peggy to see Jack at The Laurels on Friday. James needs to be taken to the hospital …

Jennifer’s rather unreasonably furious.

They have a rota!

Brian wears reading glasses

I never imagined he would suffer glasses.

Though I wear them myself, I thought his vanity would get in the way of being able to read properly.

Susan interrogates Rob

Rob makes the mistake of calling into the village shop again.

Susan tells him she knows he’s off to Jennifer and Brian’s for supper.

Rob calls her the “village witch” and Miss Marple for knowing so.

(steady on!)

Susan then off loads a whole wodge of local gossip – that his landlady is the vicar’s second wife. Though it’s fine, as his first wife died:

[Susan] “that was years ago, before he came to the village.”

She tells him she’s related to the Aldridge’s.

Susan then manages to get out of Rob that he and his wife (Jess) are childhood sweethearts, having met through the Young Farmer’s Association. His wife is a social worker, but is staying with her dad after his stroke.

They then get onto Bert, Bert, Jim and Joe’s adventure to Liverpool (well, Susan gets onto the topic. Rob has to, whether he likes it or not). Rob then realises Bert Horrobin is Susan’s dad.

[Rob] “Oh, so, you’re a Horrobin, are you?”


I don’t know if Rob meant that intentionally, or whether he didn’t have a clue about what he was saying.

But I do imagine his stock has suddenly plummeted with Susan.

Brian’s being quite hilarious

He’s certainly on good form when Rob comes round to supper.

On Bert, Bert, Jim and Joe in Liverpool:
[Brian] “Do you think they’ve got it mixed up with Blackpool.”

On the Horrobin’s:

[Brian] “A Horrobin. They’re the nearest thing we’ve got to the Krays.”

And on Chris being asked to play footy with local team Penny Hassett Wanderers.

[Brian] “But they don’t wander that very far.”

(actually – glad it was mentioned that they do have a wee local team. Would be marvellous to water down the cricket with a bit more football)

Vicky’s water breaks

Just as Mike and Vicky are looking forward to a relaxed night, cuddling in front of the telly, Vicky suddenly feels like she’s been “hit in the back with a sledge hammer”.

[Vicky] “I thought it would be my stomach!”

Then her water breaks.

[Vicky] “Oh no, our nice new settee!”

But she stays calm enough to get them on their way to hospital.

[Vicky] “It’s more than okay Mike. Our baby’s coming Mike. Our baby’s coming at last!”


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