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Pip’s being stroppy: 28.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 28th January 2013
  • Pip’s “on virgins”
  • A 20 year old teenager
  • Rob wants to connect with Alice on Facebook
  • Alice lies about Canada
  • Chris has grubby internet habits?
  • Chris had a mini Swiss roll for dinner
  • Business advice from Jennifer
  • Rob corners Ruth

Pip’s “on virgins”


I had to re-listen to that to make sure I understood Pip correctly.

She was off to the student union cocktail society – but she’s not drinking anything with alcohol. Hence the mention of virgins.

A 20 year old teenager

Pip’s suddenly decided to live her teenage years as she’s heading into her twenties (she turns 20 in February).

Ruth and David have been grumbling about her always going out, not seeming to do her studies, and generally being a wee madam.

She had a run in today with Ruth when she (Pip) refused to nip to the village shop, for the rest of the family’s tea, before she went out.

[Pip] “I do have a life, you know. Why can’t everyone just get off my back!”

Goodness me!

What. A. Child.

When later that night Pip gets in after midnight, she’s met by a very sleepy (and rather angry) Ruth. Seems Pip had been banging around in the kitchen.

While trying to keep her and Pip’s voice down (while the rest of the house sleeps). Ruth gets Pip to admit why she’s been in such a foul mood.

Seems she got a bad mark on her essay.

The one that was meant to be in before Christmas, but only handed in a few days ago.

Though that’s not why Pip reckons she got the bad mark.


She reckons it was because the lecturer doesn’t like her.

Pip claims the lecturer has “got it in” for her, and told her she doesn’t take the course seriously. And that just because she works on a farm already doesn’t mean she can do less studying.

Again. What. A. Child.

Ruth’s worried, Pip reckons it’s not her business.

[Pip] “I’m only trying to have a life, like every other student!”


But maybe you should move out from home if you want to do that?

Wee madam …

Rob wants to connect with Alice on Facebook

Seems he has loads of photographs to share with her …

… of Canada.


Alice lies about Canada

Seems Alice still hates her job.

She literally has to sit at the back while meetings take place. Very much a junior.

Jennifer reckons Alice is just impatient. An attitude she gets from Brian.

[Jennifer] “She always wants to run before she can walk. Never satisfied with what she has.”

Later on, Chris found Alice had been looking at lots of Canada related websites, on her laptop. Apartments in Vancouver. The cost of living, flights, and the like.

Alice claims that’s because an ex-Uni pal of hers is over there, and they were chatting about her settling, she was just interested.

Sounds unlikely …

Especially considering that when Chris came in later from playing footy, Alice immediately closed her laptop.

Chris has grubby internet habits?

Backed into a corner about Chris finding out about her interested in Canada:

[Alice] “Don’t be so nosey. I do go pocking around in your browsing history.”

[Chris] “That’s because I delete it!”

[Alice] “Ew!”

Alice is right that Chris shouldn’t be looking at what she’s been looking at online. On her own laptop.

But Chris really didn’t need to infer about what he does when he’s alone and online …

Chris had a mini Swiss roll for dinner

Naughty Chris.

He’s still a growing lad, and won’t manage many hours of metalworking on that!

Business advice from Jennifer

Lilian was telling Jennifer about her and Matt’s plan to invest in the old papermill project.

Jennifer told Lilian that she thought it sounded far too risky to invest almost all of their working capital in one project.

[Jennifer] “You need to talk to your financial adviser. You mustn’t let Matt bully you into this … it sounds like madness to me.”

Um … since when did Jennifer know about such matters?

Though she has a point.

It’s not exactly a great market for property right now.

Rob corners Ruth

He’s at it again. Wandering around Ambridge, trying to make friends (or gathering intel, for probably a very sinister reason).

Anyhoo – Rob has met Ruth, and wants to visit Brookfield to see their Autumn calving in action.

[Ruth] “I don’t know how much you’ll learn. The whole system is based around grass, and your cows won’t see a blade of grass from one year to the next!”

But, though Ruth obviously has an immediate dislike of Rob due to his job at the Super Dairy, her sense of hospitality wins through.

Rob shall visit Brookfield.

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