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Susan breaks her crystal bowl: Sun 27.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 27th January 2013
  • Paul REALLY wants to see Lilian
  • The vicar with a black eye
  • Emma falls out with Susan
  • Neil helps change Bethany’s nappy
  • The Parish Council not to do Lynda’s bidding?

Paul REALLY wants to see Lilian

Paul’s back on the phone to Lilian again.

He needs to see her.

Lilian has to try and find Matt’s diary, so that she can work out when she can be free to meet.

She also really needs to meet him. But, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be good news for Paul.

[Lilian] “I’m the one who needs to keep making up excuses.”

When Lilian calls Paul back to say that she could meet him on Friday, Paul at first says he can’t make Friday. He has a job to quote for.

But, when Lilian says she can’t do any better, be agrees to meet, probably having to give up quoting for the job.

I can’t ever see Matt doing that for Lilian …

The vicar with a black eye

[Susan] “Poor Alan. He must have felt so self-conscious, standing there in front of the whole congregation.”

Course, if you listen to Ambridge Extra, you’d know that Alan came off his bike the other day.

If you don’t, here’s the catch-up:

Emma falls out with Susan

For starters, Emma has her (and her kids’ and Ed’s) dirty clothes on Susan’s sofa.

Which seems an odd place to put it before sorting it for the machine.

Then, even more bizarrely, Emma makes Susan break her own crystal bowl. Emma had put it amongst her laundry, to keep it out of Keira’s way.


[Susan] “Oh Emma. Such a stupid place to put it … Why can’t people just leave things in their place.”


Susan gets in a right strop.

She won’t even have Emma helping with the Sunday roast.

[Susan] “Honestly Emma, I’d rather you just left me to it.”

When Emma then offers to buy Susan a replacement crystal bowl:

[Susan] “How Emma? If you could afford it, you wouldn’t be living here!”


[Susan] “Perhaps you could just get out of my way now. I have carrots to peal.”


Neil helps change Bethany’s nappy

Neil’s round seeing Mike, while Vicky is having a wee lie down.

[Neil] “I had to escape for a while. Too many hormones flying round my place.”

Mike’s struggling to change Bethany’s nappy. Lucky Neil was there – seems he’s also been a more hands on dad.

The Parish Council not to do Lynda’s bidding?

Neil and Mike aren’t impressed by Lynda’s new campaign to try and protect Ambridge’s badgers.

Neil reckons her idea to have road signs warning motorists about the badgers is “ridiculous” and that Parish Council are likely to reject it.


My money’s on Lynda.

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