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Lilian ends it with Paul: Sun 20.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 20th January 2013
  • Matt’s REALLY angry with Lilian
  • Bethany’s stared sucking!
  • Farmhouse Breakfast Week (tomorrow)
  • Brenda’s birthday tomorrow
  • The Liverpool Lads are home
  • Fallon’s also going gingham
  • Bethany gets home tomorrow
  • Paul and Lilian, no more

Matt’s REALLY angry with Lilian

Seems he’s been shouting at her such she arrived back Saturday night. She should have been back Saturday morning.

Lilian also had her phone off the whole time.

Lilian’s fed up with talking about it. She reckons they’ve already been through this.

[Matt] “Not to my satisfaction.”

To add to Lilian’s woes, it seems she also missed an important social event with their business contacts.

[Matt] “All the other blokes had their wives with them. You can imagine what an idiot I felt having to operate on my own … it's not good enough!”

Lilian sniped back that Matt likes to operate solo.

To which Matt stormed out.

Oh dear.

Later on, Matt’s still very cold to Lilian.

He’s furious at her for so much, but especially now about the “flying solo” remark.

[Matt] “You must know that’s true now.”

[Lilian] “It just came out. It wasn’t meant to be a judgement.”

Lilian sounds very sheepish indeed …

Bethany’s stared sucking!

Seems she’s getting the idea. Much to Vicky’s relief.

The breastfeeding tips Vicky got from Amy and the breastfeeding team worked.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week (tomorrow)

Kenton has The Bull decked out with milk churns. Pitchforks. Gingham cloths. Baskets of fresh farm eggs. And he’s tweeting pictures of their breakfasts (seems the organisers of Farmhouse Breakfast Week want snapshots of the nation’s breakfasts).

Brenda’s birthday tomorrow

But she’s only going out for a meal with Tom on Friday.

Seems they’re all too busy.

The Liverpool Lads are home

Jim’s Riley was seen returning home.

[Kenton] “Oh yes, the wild bunch.”

Wonder how much about Liverpool Ambridge will ever get to find out about, considering their solemn promise to keep Bob’s peace (and Bert fry’s … about the chewing gum).

Fallon’s also going gingham

In Jaxx, for Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

She’s also got cockerels made out of twisted metal, according to Tom.

[Tom] “A bit abstract for my taste.”

Bethany gets home tomorrow

For the first time!

Vicky’s excited, but also nervous.

[Brenda] “Tomorrow, it all begins for real, doesn’t it?”

Lucky they have such great family and friends around them.

Paul and Lilian, no more

Lilian calls Paul.

[Lilian] “I realise now I just can’t keep coming down to London … I just feel so guilty, Paul … about everything.”

[Paul] “It’s my fault.”
Lilian reckons not. It was she who put herself in this situation.

[Lilian] “I wanted it. It’s just all the secrecy. And having to lie all the time, one lie leads to another … this morning, I began to feel really sick. I don’t know if I can do it anymore.”

They both start crying.

[Paul] “I’ll have to let you go, won’t I?2

[Lilian] “Yeah …”

[Paul] “Bye. Lilian.”

[Lilian] “Bye.”

As she hangs up, Matt starts hollering for her.

And that was that.

No more Paul and Lilian.


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