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Bob Pullen's funeral: Fri 04.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 4th January 2013
  • Bob has a busy funeral
  • Peggy wants to go on a train
  • The Robert Pullen Memorial Toilet
  • The One-Hundred-and-Ninety-Ninety-Steps
  • "I am officially the oldest man in the village"
  • How is Elizabethan not English?
  • Lynda thanks Kenton
  • Lilian is very rude to Peggy

Bob has a busy funeral

Jill was worried, beforehand, that she had catered for too many. Though Lynda told her not to be concerned, considering Joe would be in attendance.

But, there was a grand number who turned out for Bob's funeral.

Including Joe looking dapper in one of Bob's suits ... though he was dismayed that some had turned up without ties, others even in what looked like tracksuit bottoms. At least Jazzer wore his kilt.

[Kenton] "Bit cold for a skirt." 
[Joe] "They're very warm, apparently."

Alan spoke well for Bob, and seems Bob actually had quite an eventful life. Though we didn't get to hear about it ... typical Bob!

Jill is still a bit surprised that Bob's Will hasn't been found. Joe Grundy is keeping very quite about his letter ...

[Kenton] "Feels like the end of an era" 
[Jill] "Out with the old, and in with the new ... any day now, there'll be a new baby in the village."

Peggy wants to go on a train

A steam one, to be exact.

Seems it goes from Gracemount to Pickering (whoo hoo!) and is how Peggy used to travel on her weekends away.

AND it would seem the steam train folks also do special holidays to Whitby, where they "turn the clock back to 1943", folks get dressed up in wartime clothes, and they eat and drink wartime.

[Lilian] "Spam fritters and acorn coffee, it's not my idea of a fun day out ..."

I did agree, at first, with Lilian that these wartime events and holidays seem a bit odd. There doesn't seem to be much to enjoy about, considering the austerity and sheer terror of the war.

But, Peggy puts us right. She explains that they did have fun during the war.

[Peggy] "Because life was pretty grim at times, we made the most of what pleasures come our way."

So, good times were had, and Peggy has fond memories. Which Lilian might stop to realise and also enjoy if she wasn't being so maudlin ...

The Robert Pullen Memorial Toilet

St Stephens (and its congregation) have Bob Pullen to than for its toilet.

Joe reckons it should have a plaque on the door.

[Joe] "It's what everyone remembers him for."

The One-Hundred-and-Ninety-Ninety-Steps

[Lilian] "You're not seriously suggesting you want me to climb up there?"

[Peggy] "There are 199. Perfectly manageable"

[Lilian] "I am not a mountain goat, and neither are you!"

Still maudlin Lilian, and still very excitable Peggy, are arguing over going to see the Abbey.

As well as the steps, Lilian also needs to be back at the Hotel for 5pm for "an important call". Wonder who that could be ...

But Peggy wins. Just by saying she'll go on her own if Lilian doesn't accompany.

"I am officially the oldest man in the village"

No prizes for guessing who kept making that statement at Bob's funeral.

Seems Joe is still very much smarting at not being given place of honour at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Now, he's an automatic shoe-in!

How is Elizabethan not English?

Joe's enjoying (probably too much) Jill's catering of Bob's funeral.

[Joe] "Proper English grub. Unlike that stuff you served up Friday ..."

Lynda's aghast! How could food be any more English that the food they serviced at the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza?

[Joe] "Those mince pies tasted definitely foreign to me"

(ha! They were real Joe, not foreign)

Lynda thanks Kenton

It's the first chance she's had since Friday.

[Lynda] "For you considerable contribution to the success of the evening."

[Jill] "Kind of you to say so Lynda."

(Lynda doesn't know that Jill knows)

[Lynda] "In retrospect, I can see the combination of my well rehearsed vignette and your inspired improvisation fused together in such a way to produce and a highly amusing and memorable theatrical event."

Kenton then drops Jill in it by more than hinting that she was also in the know ...

[Jill] "Thank you dear. Lynda may forgive you for subverting the show, but she may take umbrage that I was in on the plot."

Lilian is very rude to Peggy

Surprise, surprise ... Lilian's very important 5pm call was indeed Paul.

[Paul] "How's Whitby?"

[Lilian] "A complete nightmare."

(that's a terrible thing to say, Lilian. Whitby was meant to be about Peggy. Something which you have seem to forgotten)

Seems Lilian was expecting a quiet time away in a posh hotel:

[Lilian] "My mother has other ideas."

Paul's quite right in noticing (even from Dubai) that Peggy is simply reliving her youth, but Lilian doesn't seem to care. All she can see is that Peggy is doing so:

[Lilian] "In quite relentless detail."

Just as Paul and Lilian are telling each other how much they miss each other, Peggy walks in, looking for her handbag.

[Lilian] "Mum! This is a private call!!!"

[Peggy] "Why, who are you talking to?"

[Lilian] "Never you mind!"

[Peggy, hurt and confused] "Oh, sorry!"

After Peggy has left, Lilian realises she's been a bit brutal. And probably given herself away.

[Lilian] "I sounded like someone with a guilty secret. and my mother's not stupid. She's bound to put two and two together."

Ah - I did say that the other day.

And while Lilian can generally do no wrong in my eyes, she's losing me this time. There's just no need fir such horrible treatment of Peggy.

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