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Kenton wants to borrow a tractor: Wed 09.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 9th January 2013
  • Pip's still in holiday mode
  • Freddie has a math test looming
  • David still has time on his hands
  • Ed should have bided his time
  • Farmhouse Breakfast Week
  • Lower Loxley sold a Passport
  • The Shires Rare Breed Centre opening ceremony
  • Utter shock at taking a trip to Liverpool

Pip's still in holiday mode

David's complaining the Pip has barely been spotted since she got back from her skiing holiday.

Seems she's spending most of her time at Spencer's (rather than at Uni, or studying for Uni). She feels guilty that he didn't get to go on holiday with her.

[David] "The boyfriend has to take priority."

Freddie has a math test looming

So he's none too happy to be back at school.

Even with Ifty's tutoring, he still dreads maths.

Poor Freddie.

David still has time on his hands

I still don't understand how David has so much free time recently. Especially when it doesn't sound like Ruth is any less busy.

David even has time to go to the pub. Ruth has him doing DIY.

And all of that while he's worried about not being able to rent out Rickyard quickly enough to keep the pennies coming in.


Has David lost interest?

Ed should have bided his time

Ed's in raptures with his new accountancy software. It was free, and it's easy to use.

[Ed] "The decisions are more obvious with the figures on the screen in front of you."

He also needs her management software Ruth recommended. But reckons it'll cost £400. Which the business can't afford.

Neil suggests he pay himself less so that his business can afford the software. After all, he's got less personal outgoings these days.

Neil wasn't having a dig, but Ed tries to insist that he pays his way again.

[Neil] "Take it one step at a time. Get the business back into profit."

Neil also takes the chance to have a serious word with Ed about how he tried to get Mike to pay more for his milk.

[Ed] "He was quite hostile really ..."

Neil's point is that if Ed had told him he was about to talk to Mike, Neil would have said to wait. Now's not the time to bother Mike. Not with the baby on the way.

[Neil] "Mike really hasn't got room in his head for anything else at the moment."

Though Neil reckons Ed needs to wait, Ed's not sure if he can. Either he starts getting more for his milk soon, or he'll need to sell to the "big boys" like David and Ruth.

Can Ed do that? Just walk away from Mike?

Surely they have contracts.

And doesn't Vicky actually own a fair number of Ed's cows?!?

Farmhouse Breakfast Week

David's trying to mend a tap, while singing The Clash quite loudly, when Kenton calls.

Kenton has a super idea for Farmhouse Breakfast Week (blimey. That time already!)

He wants to borrow Brookfield's yard tractor.

David says no.

They actually use it.

Whereas Kenton just wants it for sitting outside The Bull.

[Kenton] "It says Farm, and I thought we could park it outside The Bull to tempt people in."

David reckons not so. It's filthy, and stinks.

Later, Kenton tries Elizabeth for check table cloths.

[Kenton] "She was less than helpful."

David relents and tries to help, by offering a harrow. As long as kids don't climb all over it.

Though Neil quashes Kenton's idea of asking Mike for a milk churn. He reckons Mike shouldn't be bothered about anything at the moment (what a good pal Neil is)

Lower Loxley sold a Passport
Isn't that illegal?

I didn't think they were doing that badly.

(just jesting. It's the Passport idea Hayley had - season ticket type of thing).

Seems it was two regulars who bought it.

[Roy] "They like to come and stroll about in the grounds as they don't have a garden of their own."


Though Roy is worried they've just sold something to someone at a discount, when they would have paid full whack, Elizabeth reckons it's fine. They'll send more on tea, coffee and crafts (and the like).

In theory.

The Shires Rare Breed Centre opening ceremony

Is all in hand, according to Roy.

Excited ... hmmm ...

Utter shock at taking a trip to Liverpool

[Kenton] "I've just heard the weirdest thing. According to Freda, Bert is off with Jim to Liverpool!"

Shock turns to amazement when he’s told Bert Horrobin and Joe are also going.

Joe reckons they're just taking a winter break.

(course, if you listen to Ambridge Extra, you'll know better! If you don't, click here:

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