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Paul’s back: Fri 25.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 25th January 2012
  • Matt and Lilian see a papermill
  • Lynda and David have a set too over badgers
  • Trevor’s milking will be limited
  • Brenda delivers during her lunch hour
  • Rob corners Tom
  • Matt just doesn’t get Lilian
  • Lynda corners Rob
  • Paul calls Lilian

Matt and Lilian see a papermill

Which Matt is very excited about, but Lilian seems a bit low.

Even the nice classical piano music Matt was enjoying in the car doesn’t sooth her soul.

[Matt] “It makes me think of that weekend we had in Paris … the mood thing.”

[Lilian] “Sounds sad.”

Though Lilian reckons it’s good to be out of Ambridge, even just to see a potential project.

[Lilian] “This time of year, things seem to crowed in on you.”

[Matt] “Christmas blues.”

Course, Lilian’s sad over having lost Paul.

She still does have Matt.

[Matt] “I couldn’t ask for nicer company.”

[Lilian] “Sentimental old thing.”

[Matt] “Not at all. It’s the truth.”

You know what – I believe him. Just a shame he doesn’t treat Lilian in a nice way all of the time.

Anyhoo – seems the papermill has some “lovely features”, and a super view. Matt’s sold on it, but Lilian wants time to ponder it.

Lynda and David have a set too over badgers

Lynda and David bump into each other.

David’s heard about Lynda’s plan to get badger warning signs next to the road.

[David] “I don’t think you’ve quite thought this through, have you Lynda … badgers are a greater danger to my cows than cars are to badgers … it is based on bitter experience … You need to get your facts straight. It just takes one infected animal to take down a  whole farm.”

[Lynda] “Shooting a badger while it’s running through the woods is indefensible!”

David points out that the badger wasn’t running. It was already dead.

They agree to disagree.

But that won’t be the end of it …

Trevor’s milking will be limited

Tom is bitterly disappointed that Trevor will only agree to do one morning milking a week.

A Tuesday, to be exact.

So, with Trevor doing one morning, and Tony doing Saturday and Sunday afternoons, which means three less milkings for Tom.

But he’s still not happy. At least he is aware that he doesn’t shut up about the milking.

[Tom to Brenda] “I’m sorry I moaned on about the milking …I don’t intend to spend any more of my life lashed to a cow’s tail!”


No wonder Tom hates milking.

He’s doing it all wrong.

Brenda delivers during her lunch hour

For Tom. Bacon, sausages and the like for Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

Does he thank her?

Course not.

All she gets is a Thai meal and possibly clubbing, later on that night, as a belated Christmas celebration.

Rob corners Tom

Rob’s at it again.

Cornering Ambridge residents to pump them about their life and work (or at least, it seems that way to me).

It’s Tom’s turn.

Rob just happens to be driving by Tom, so stops for a chat.

He plays to Tom’s ego by telling him his ready meals are the talk of the pub. And that he might be able to give him some contacts, as he worked for a company in Canada who made ready meals.

Then he asks if he can spend more time trying to understand Ambridge Organics, because it’s such a successful niche business.

I don’t like this …

Matt just doesn’t get Lilian

As Lilian and Matt are walking round the papermill:

[Lilian] “It’s the sort of room you imagine Miss Haversham waiting, the clocks all stopped …”

Matt just grunted.

Paul would have got that …

Lynda corners Rob

[Lynda] “I’ve been so keen to meet you … Susan told me all about you.”

Rob actually seems a bit scared of Lynda.

Her reputation must proceed her.

She claims he’s in a hurry, as he has to drive to Hampshire to see his wife (as he does every weekend).

Not that simple, Rob.

[Lynda] “Where you stood on the proposed badger cull. Are we going to be able to count on your support, against it?”

To which Lynda adds that though she is against the Super Dairy:

[Lynda] “That doesn’t mean all the personnel need to be tarred with the same brush.”

Lynda is most disappointed that Rob is in favour of a cull. Though the badgers don’t impact on the Super Dairy, they do cause havoc for other farmers.

Big *sniff* from Lynda.

[Lynda] “I see.”

Rob just made a powerful enemy.

Paul calls Lilian

He’s crying.

[Paul] “I know you can’t keep coming down to London … I’ve missed you much. I think about you all the time. Knowing I’ll never see you again, feels like … I know I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Seems he’ll be close to Ambridge next week, and wants to meet Lilian.

Just to talk.

He begs.

Will Lilian go meet him?

Course she will.


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Does anyone know what that piece of piano music was that Lillian switched off in the car with Matt?

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I'm no use (unless it's The Smiths or Rush).

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