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Paul and Lilian, back in bed: Thurs 10.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 10th January 2013
  • Paul's back
  • Maurice has the best approach to Tom
  • Tom's off on one again
  • Pat and Tony want a holiday
  • Mike's nervous
  • Peggy was flirting?
  • Pip was on the lash again

Paul's back

And Lilian is over the moon.

It's been a whole 3 weeks since they last saw each other. They minute they're reunited, they're off to bed (at a hotel).

They enjoy a glass of champagne (and each other ...).

[Lilian] "I was utterly desolated when you called on Monday. I thought you'd gone off me."


Seems Lilian's depression was because Paul had to call of meeting her. He had a work problem.

[Paul] "It would be such bliss to wake up with you in the morning."

[Lilian] "It's too risky. Sorry."

And she sounds gutted to have to refuse. Though she will sneak back in the morning to say hello ...

Later on, they go to see the Church Paul has been working on. It's all done.

Which means Paul won’t have the excuse to come back up to Ambridge.

So, he offers Lilian to come down to his home in Watford.

[Lilian] "Don't you have neighbours?"

[Paul] "I'm a single man, I'm allowed to entertain female visitors!"

Looks like Lilian will have to create more friends to visit in London.

Maurice has the best approach to Tom

Just ignore him and refuse to respond.

Tom reckoned it was like "talking to a brick wall". Which suited Maurice fine, but isn't actually so good for the rest of us:

[Tom] But there's nothing like a long morning of sausage making to focus one's mind."

Oh dear.

He's off on one again.

Tom's off on one again

After having to think over the sausages, Tom has a new plan.

He reckons the future is readymeals.

He's going to get another unit. Start processing his own meals. And even but in meat to keep up demand (the horror!).

What's shocking is that Tom even wants to start selling to supermarkets. Even after last time ...

[Tom] "Scaling up this way is the only way to make Bridge Farm a serious business."

Brenda isn't so convinced.

She reckons the readymeals being so popular was:

[Brenda] "Because of Christmas. It's a specialist seasonal market."


Tom really is determined to push on and upwards. Again.

[Tom] "I could end up like my dad. Physically and mentally worn out, stuck in a  rut."

Harsh, Brenda reckons.

[Brenda] "Your mum and dad were pioneers."

[Tom] "30 years ago!"

Brenda thinks he'll have a heck of a time convincing Pat and Tony to move their business to readymeals.

[Tom] "We can't just carry on doing the same old same old."

Oh, shut up Tom!

Pat and Tony want a holiday

Pat and Tony have resurfaced.


They're having an exciting of it. They're cleaning the gutters while talking about Jim, Bert Fry, Bert Horrobin and Joe going to Liverpool.

[Pat] "Fun I suppose. A joint for the oldies."

[Tony] "They didn't invite me ... I feel like one."

Just after Tony has hit Pat on the head with gutter muck (by mistake, of course), Pat reckons they also need to go away. But to "winter sun" rather than Liverpool.

Later on, during Pat's Birthday tea (lovely cake, Henry grumping, so we don't hear Helen ... yet again. I miss her), they ask Tom if he'd mind managing (with Helen) while they go away for a week, in a month's time.

Brenda says ye on his behalf, but he's not a happy chappy.

[Tom] "There don't seem to be enough hours in the day as it is."

[Brenda] "For Tom to roll out his plans for world domination ... Not now. It's your mum's birthday!"

A week should be enough time for Tom to change absolutely everything ...

Mike's nervous

[Mike] "I feel like a bit of a wimp admitting it."

Seems Vicky has assumed that Mike will be with her when she gives birth. In the actual room. Course he will, but he's very nervous about it. And thinks he's pathetic for being so.

[Mike] "There's a lot more important things to worry about."

[Brenda] 'Like she's the one who has got to do it."

He's also worried about whether their baby girl will be okay.

So, Brenda offers to also be there with them. She'll come running when the calls come, just as back-up.

(I am really starting to like Brenda. Must mean she is about to split with Tom, as she's turning out to be a half decent human being. Hurrah!)

Peggy was flirting

According to Lilian.

Seems, in Whitby, after they had had their fish and chips, they came across a chap with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Which will have reminded Peggy of Jack's Captain.

Peggy then had a long chap with the chap.

[Lilian] "I can only call it flirting"

[Paul] "While you and the staffie stood about ..."

[Lilian] "Exchanging shaded glances. I've never felt such profound sympathy with a dog!"

(I have no comment to make on any of that. It was just be inappropriate)

Pip was on the lash again

And was late for milking at Bridge Farm.

The shame!

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