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The Bull celebrates Bethany: 18.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 18th January 2013
  • Paul and Lilian, back together
  • Everyone loves a baby
  • Amy helps Vicky
  • Rob woos Neil
  • Jazzer offers himself to the dark side
  • Mike’s a dad

Paul and Lilian, back together

At a stunning hotel, this time.

[Paul] “I thought you deserved a treat. After Watford.”

They checked in.

Had an ‘exquisite’ afternoon tea.

Then Paul took Lilian to a show. One she’s badgered Matt to see, but never got to see. Paul just instinctively knew it’d be one she’d adore (though we never got to find out which one)

[Lilian] “We’re going to have the best evening ever.”

Everyone loves a baby

[Vicky] “Tom was very impressed. He thought babies cried all the time … he was also impressed how maternal Brenda was.”

(uh-oh! Maybe she will marry him, after all. Just to get babies)

[Mike] “Eric was very nice with the baby.”

[Vicky] “I know. I warmed to him … you see a different side to people.”

(really … what is the story with Vicky’s stepfather Eric?)

Amy helps Vicky

[Vicky] “I don’t want to seem like a useless mother.”

[Amy] “You're not a useless mother.”

[Vicky] “I might be.”

Seems Brenda and Lynda had separately told Amy about Vicky’s breastfeeding woes. So, here’s Amy to help.

Amy tells Vicky not most babies don’t take a lot of milk in the first few days. And:

[Amy] “You know her tongue protrudes a little bit?”

Vicky says yes. She reckons it makes her look cute. Like she’s concentrating.

Amy tells her it also means her mouth muscles aren’t so strong (so, Lynda was right!), which means she will take longer to latch on.

Amy also reassures that many mums have problems establishing breast feeding, but it will work if Vicky perseveres. And if she gets the breast feeding team to talk with her.

Amy’s a good lass. Even though it’s her break, she stays to watch Vicky feed Bethany so that she can give her pointers, if need be.

Rob woos Neil

Rob turns up at The Bull, looking to meet a few more locals.

He bumps into Neil and Jazzer (who are waiting for Mike so that they can all wet Bethany’s head).

After the fact, Neil reckoned Rob was a sound chap. “straight forward and friendly”.

[Jazzer] “He could charm the birds off the trees, but they teach them that at their posh schools!”

I reckon Jazzer’s right to be wary of Rob.

He feels like too much of a PR coup for Brian.

But maybe that’s the point at this stage.

Jazzer offers himself to the dark side

At The Bull, Jazzer spots that Rob’s the chap working at the “Mega Dairy”. Though Rob tells him that they don’t call it that.

[Jazzer] “It sounds better than cow factory!”

Rob tells him that he’ll eventually be joined by a feed manager, farm workers, milkers (working 3 shifts) and two assistant herd managers.

They’re also given accommodation.

[Jazzer] “Same wee compartments as the cows then, eh?”

[Rob] “If they’re as comfortable as the cows, they’ll be lucky!”

Shockingly – Jazzer says to put his name down.

[Jazzer] “It’d break my heart to leave my girls, but they’re no offering accommodation. Unless you count the arks …”

Mike’s a dad

Well, he was already (with Roy and Brenda), but he’s feeling that new, fiercely protective new dad love again.

[Mike] “You were right Neil. Now that I’ve met her, held her in my arms, I could face anything for her sake. And I will.”

Everything’s fine with Bethany health wise, and Mike thanks Neil (beyond thanks) for the words of wisdom that got him through the months before Bethany was born.

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