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‘Hello’ to Rob Titchner: Sun 06.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 6th January 2013
  • Ruth yanks down Christmas
  • Who is this Rob Titchner?
  • Pip’s using young people’s language
  • Lilian deepens her lie to Peggy
  • Ruth’s on about insemination again …
  • Lilian’s moaning about Whitby (again)
  • Brenda’s not a Pusscat replacement

Ruth yanks down Christmas

That’ll be that then.

Brutal, but our Ruth isn’t a patient lady when it comes to anything that isn’t a cow.

Who is this Rob Titchner?

He’s the new Herd Manager of the Super Dairy (well, not technically new, as he’s technically the first). And, he’s also Usha’s new tenant.

He’s married. No kids.

[Usha] “He sounds quite nice. Very well spoken.”

[Ruth] “Well we can’t hold that against him!”

When Usha shows Rob round Blossom Cottage, he does seem a fine enough chap.


Loves Blossom Cottage.

Though likes listening to loud music. Particularly Primal Scream.

(I won’t judge him on that. I like Rush played loudly)

He had been enjoying living and working in Canada (Quebec, to be exact), but had to return to the UK after his wife’s father had a stroke.

(actually, he sounded quite bitter about that … hmmmm)

Pip’s using young people’s language

Pip’s back from her skiing trip.

Sounds like she had a marvellous time.

Though she made mention of she had an “epic” party and is not “completely wrecked”.


Since when did Pip behave like a yooofff??

Anyhoo, Pip has University tomorrow (that’s bad planning – again, not a Pip trait). Though she’s tired, she wants to go out with Spencer for a drink. Seems he didn’t get to go on holiday with her.

Lilian deepens her lie to Peggy

Lilian’s decided to tell Peggy that she was on the phone to Judith Morrison from Guernsey yesterday (when Peggy walked in on her, and Lilian shouted her out), rather than the truth of Paul.

Seems this Judith was Lilian’s bessie pal.

Problem with the lie #1: Peggy’s never heard Lilian mention Judith until now

Lilian claims Judith called her out of the blue, which is why Lilian was shocked and shouted at Peggy.

Problem with the lie #2: As Peggy points out, Lilian had told Peggy she was expecting a call at 5pm. So, how could Judith had called unexpectedly.

Lilian tries to cover her tracks. She claims Matt was her important call, then Judith called

Problem with the lie #3: Peggy isn’t stupid

Problem with the lie #4:  As Peggy then points out, how did Judith have Lilian’s mobile number if they hadn’t spoken in years?

Lilian claims another friend gave it to Judith

Problem with the lie #5: see problem #3

Ruth’s on about insemination again …

At least she’s honest about her obsession.

[Ruth] “I wake up in the night sometimes, worrying if I’ve lost the knack of insemination … of they sent me a dodgy batch of semen.”


Lilian’s moaning about Whitby (again)

After a long drive home, with Peggy wanting to stop for tea after an hour, and moaning that the motorway was “tedious”:

[Lilian] “Mum was like a little kid … “Are we nearly there yet?” …”

Lilian’s on a roll:

[Lilian] “It was more like an endurance trial. I knew my mother was a tough old thing, but honestly Matt … All the time, mum was on top of the world. Honestly Matt, she was incredible!”

Lilian said that “incredible” with a sense of pride, but still doesn’t seem to have twigged that Whitby was about Peggy. Not Lilian.

Brenda’s not a Pusscat replacement

No, indeed she isn’t.

Matt was delighted to have Lilian home. He’s been bored, and lonely. Even though Brenda had been in for work.

[Matt] “But she’s not what’d you’d call company!”

Actually, Matt was quite sweet.

He even said he’d felt incredibly said when he woken up without Lilian.

Though Lilian (without much enthusiasm) says she missed  Matt too, she really has other things on her mind:

[Lilian] “All I want is a large gin, a long hot bath and my own bed.”

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