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Vicky’s first day as a mum: Thurs 17.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 17th January 2013
  • Lynda’s ecstatic
  • Bethany won’t feed
  • Vicky doesn’t like her stepfather
  • David gets excited
  • Pip’s no longer the golden girl
  • Ed still needs Mike to see sense
  • Bethany still won’t suck
  • Brenda’s skiving
  • Rumours about Liverpool

Lynda’s ecstatic

[Lynda] “I’m so happy about Vicky’s baby.”

And she was the first to tell Ruth the good news.

[Ruth] “So, everything went well, did it?”

[Lynda] “I think I was one of the first people he rang … I was touched!”

Bethany won’t feed

Seems Bethany was 6 pounds and 5 ounces. Which is a bit small, but not too small to worry.

Mike can now see Brenda in Bethany.

[Mike] “Something about her little chin. I must check her baby pictures.”

Seems Bethany still hasn’t cried. And sleeps a lot.

[Mike] “There’s no such thing as too much sleeping.”

Vicky’s biggest worry is that Bethany doesn’t seem to be suckling.

[Vicky] “I thought all babies would know how to suck.”

She asks Mike if Brenda and Roy knew how to suck.

[Mike, sheepishly] “I probably never asked. Just left that all up to Betty … I’m not proud of it, love. It’s going to be different this time.”

When Lynda later goes in to visit:

[Lynda] “You're certainly one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen … Bless you little Bethany, because here you are, all safe and sound.”

Vicky’s still worried that Bethany isn’t suckling. Lynda reckons it might be that her muscle tone might not be as good as other babies. That’d make it harder for her to latch on.

(why Lynda is now an expert, I don’t know)

[Vicky] “I just don’t want to let her down … The other mothers in the ward seem to be managing to feed their babies alright.”

Oh, Vicky just needs to talk to someone properly in the know.

Vicky doesn’t like her stepfather

Seems Vicky’s mum and her stepfather Eric are coming to see Bethany.

Vicky is delighted about her mum coming, but doesn’t seem too bothered about seeing Eric.

Sounds like a bit of unknown family history there …

Anyhoo, to most, Vicky is very loved up indeed.

[Vicky] “It’s like Brenda’s suddenly mine too. We’re a real family now, aren’t we!”

David gets excited

[Ruth] “I never seen anyone get that excited about a cheese and ham toasty.”

Well, whatever it takes, I suppose.

Pip’s no longer the golden girl

Seems David was so enthusiastic about his toasty because he couldn’t have any bread at breakfast.

Pip had scoffed it all when she got in late last night.

[Ruth] “So thoughtless.”

Seems they’re also worried about her.

She’s been in bed all morning, after having gone out, then staying up when she got in to finish an essay. One which should have been in before Christmas.

[Ruth] “She used to tell us everything about Uni.”

But now she’s either out with Spencer, or out with her Uni friends.

[Ruth] “Then there’s that crowd she met skiing.”

[David] “Rich kids on their so called gap year, suppose there’re blogging from all the exotic places mummy and daddy pay for them to go to.”


Looks like Pip’s heading for a ‘talk’.

Ed still needs Mike to see sense

[Ruth] “Lynda says Mike’s over the moon at the moment, it might make him more sympathetic.”

Seems Ed is still on about trying to sell to a processor rather than to Mike, unless Mike pays her more for his milk.

[Ruth] “Some of the cows are Mike’s. That’d take some untangling.”

Ah! Glad someone else spotted that.

David also points out that most processors won’t buy from Ed, as his herd is too small.

Yet, David still reckons Ed has plenty of options. He just need to take the time to notice they’re there.

Brenda’s skiving

[Lynda] “Vicky said you’re quite the devoted sister.”


Brenda’s basically worked out of worked, without asking, so that she can see Vicky and Bethany.

Seems she reckons that as Lilian is off again on Friday, she has every right to take her own time back now.

[Brenda] “If she can put her family first, so can I.”

I can’t see Matt or Lillian agreeing to that.

Rumours about Liverpool

[David] “What on earth can they be finding to do up there?”

[Mike] “Eddie reckons they’re forming a Beatles tribute band!”

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