Thursday, 31 January 2013

Usha shouts at Alan: Thurs 31.01.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 31st January 2013
  • Who is Sadie?
  • Colonel Aubrey Shawcross does not approve
  • Amy also wants Michael gone
  • Usha’s suspicious
  • Now Colonel Aubrey Shawcross’ accusing Alan
  • The physio who won’t stop talking
  • Usha sees Michael eating a pizza
  • Usha has a go at Alan

Who is Sadie?

Michael’s on the phone (Alan and Usha’s phone, that is) to someone called Sadie.

Amy just happens to be listening in. In a towel, just out of the shower. Feeling rather uncomfortable, on both accounts.

Michael came quickly off the phone when he realised.

Is Sadie something to do with Michael’s car being parked at his village, when he should have been in Birmingham?

(do we care?)

Later on, Amy tells Usha that she’s noticed Michael’s mobile often goes off, but he never answers it.

[Amy] “He was like, you know, really shifty.”

Colonel Aubrey Shawcross does not approve

[Alan] “I rather plummeted in his estimation when he realised I was married to a non-white, non-Christian.”

Amy also wants Michael gone

As well as odd phone habits, Michael’s also been waking up Amy when she’s trying to sleep after a late shift.

Not on.

And she’s also feeling crowded out.

[Amy] “Is it selfish of me to want to be at home with just you and dad?”

Usha’s suspicious

Usha confronts Michael about his car being not in Birmingham.

Michael reckons it was. He was in Birmingham seeing a counsellor. So he reckons.

Alan backs him up.

Usha then checks with Amy how long she reckons it would take to arrange to see a counsellor. Amy reckons several weeks, not several days.

Now Colonel Aubrey Shawcross’ accusing Alan

Rachel, the Arch Deacon, calls Alan to tell him that Colonel Aubrey Shawcross has now made “a serious allegation” against him.

Seems money has gone missing from the collection, and the Colonel reckons Alan is the only one who could have taken it.

[Alan] “The man is a lunatic!”

The physio who won’t stop talking

Has put Amy off moving in with her.

Ach well.

Surely there’s more flats in Felpersham?

Usha sees Michael eating a pizza

And isn’t happy about it.

She saw him with a woman. And some kids. Who looked very comfortable with them.

Sorry, but am I missing the point?

I agree with what Alan said next to Usha …

Usha has a go at Alan

When Arch Deacon Rachel called Alan, Usha answered. Rachel happened to ask whether Alan was going to apply for the job …

… what job, reckoned Usha.

The one in the Cathedral, which would mean they could live in the Canon. Which Amy reckons would be fab – it is right next to the hospital. Usha also thinks it might be an idea, as Ambridge is proving to be rather “stressful”.

But – Usha later shouts at Alan for not even mentioning the potential job to her.

She also shouts at Alan for not listening to her about her concerns over Michael (having a pizza).

[Alan] “He’s allowed to have friends, isn’t he?”

Usha reckons Michael has a second family.

[Alan] “You’re being ridiculous.”

[Usha] “No, no I’m not. I’m telling you what I saw! ,,, Alan, this is me, your wife. Why can’t you see what is staring you in your face … there is something toxic about this, they way you’ve going along with all this.”

Usha wants him out after the weekend- which she’s going to spend with her parents.

There it is Alan – friend or wife?

(must admit I also don’t understand what Usha is getting so upset by. If Michael does have a family, why is it his second? He’s divorced)

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