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Won’t anybody think of Tom’s children?: Tues 29.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 29th January 2013
  • Tom wants to breed
  • Bethany meets The Bull … and a reluctant Nic
  • Jim made Bethany cry
  • Will’s nearly 30

Tom wants to breed

Tom is such a calculating wee so and so.

He’s still desperate to spend more time on Tom Archer, rather than the basics at Bridge Farm.

So, he invites Tony to lunch at The Bull (picky off the weak link, if you ask me …).

Tom has an appointment to see the bank at the end of this week, to move Tom Archer onto the second stage.

So, he’s pushing on regardless.

After Tony really enjoying his rare time away from the farm, Tom then hits him (not literally, of course):

[Tom] “It might not be long before we start thinking about a family of our own.”

Tony’s shocked.

He’s never heard Tom and Brenda talk about kids.

(course he hasn’t, because they haven’t)

Tom claims that Brenda’s been concentrating on her “career” (if you can calling making coffee for Lilian a “career”), and that they’re house is too “pokey” to really talk openly about it.

Seems he wants half a dozen kids.

[Tom] “If I can persuade Brenda.”

So – Tom claims he wants to push on with Tom Archer because he wants to pass on something to his kids. The business, and also a house (that he’s yet to build) on Bridge Farm land.

[Tom] “I’d like to pass Bridge Farm onto my children, dad … that’s what it is about. I just want to be able to give my family a future.”


Last week, it was to honour John’s memory.

Now it’s the kids Brenda has yet to agree to.

That Tom … what a wee snake.

But, seems Tony was lapping it up …

Bethany meets The Bull … and a reluctant Nic

Brenda’s “working from home” (aye, right then!) so if round Vicky’s, seeing her and Bethany.

Vicky wants to take Bethany out for the first time, so Brenda accompanies.

So, where do you take a baby for their first time out in the world?

The pub, of course.

Nic was working at The Bull. And it sounded like Vicky had to force her to have a hold of Bethany.


Seems Nic feels sad about Bethany.  It’s Will who sees sense.

[Will] “She’s really made up.”

[Nic] “I know. It’s so sad … I don’t know what to say to her. She was obviously desperate to be a mother … the baby’s not right …”

[Will] “It’s still a baby though, and as long as she loves it …”

[Nic] “I know. It just doesn’t seem fair.”

[Will] “She’s happy, that’s all that matters.”

Quite right too.

Bethany is who Bethany is.

[Nic] “It’s just scary when you think of all the things that can go wrong.”

[Will] “Maybe Vicky was meant to have Beth. There’s no point worrying. You’ve just got to hope for the best.”

Well done, Will.

Course, Will and Nic are also trying.

Hopefully it’s just nerves about carrying Will’s spawn that’s scaring Nic, rather than any untoward attitude.

Jim made Bethany cry

Vicky also took Bethany into the village shop.

Seems Jim made her cry when he started quoting Latin at her.

[Tony] “If only we could all do that!”

Will’s nearly 30

Goodness, is that all?

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