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Bethany Tucker arrives home: Mon 21.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 21st January 2013
  • Tom and Helen make some money
  • Who was talking to Kirsty?
  • Kenton cleaned farm equipment
  • Bethany meets her room
  • Ed to turn sheep shearer?
  • Henry’s off to playgroup

Tom and Helen make some money

Tom and Helen are selling breakfasts outside of Ambridge Organics for Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

Hi sausages and bacon. Her muesli and yoghurt.

Seems to be going down a storm.

[Tom] “Enjoy!”

[Helen] “Promise you won’t say that again … it drives me mad!”

Seems he’s been doing it all morning. To every customer. Every. Single. One.

And he’s on again about having to do the milking. He reckons days like today are what it should be all about, rather than being stuck with those cows.

Ach, just wheesht.

Who was talking to Kirsty?

Seems some bloke was talking to Kirsty.

[Helen] “Not necessarily about the muesli and the wide range of tempting yoghurts.”

He seemed rather keen on Kirsty.


Kenton cleaned farm equipment

David brought Kenton something called a disc plug to display at The Bull for Farmhouse Breakfast Week. Kenton wanted his yard tractor, but David actually needs that …

David was quite perturbed to find out Kenton then scrubbed down his farm equipment.

[David] “Getting rid of the authentic feel in the process.”

[Ed] “Maybe he’d like to hose me down while he’s at it.”

Seems Ed now gets it from Susan, as well as Emma, for his muddy boots.

Bethany meets her room

It’s pink.

Though Vicky won’t force that on her.

[Vicky] “One day, well, you might want to change it.”

Bethany has her moon mobile. And her room is almost buried in all the cards and flowers from well-wishers.

[Vicky] “Oh Mike, look at her looking.”

[Mike] “It’s what we’ve been dreaming of.”

[Vicky] “People have just been so kind.”

Phoebe and Abbie made them a banner (though seems they had a rush to finish it up, after not putting an ‘i’ into Claire). And they started off an album of Bethany’s first pictures.

So all seems well.

Though Bethany isn’t at her ideal birth weight, they’ve been told it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Family Tucker.

How lovely!

Ed to turn sheep shearer?

David’s had an idea.

He reckons Ed should go into sheep shearing. Brookfield has to buy in contractors to do their sheep, and would choose Ed if he had the right training. David reckons lots of local farms would do the same.

Local shearing for local farms, and the like.

Ed checks Adam, and he said he’d also hire him in.

So, Ed’s off to find out about courses.

Every job counts.

Though I do feel sorry for the displaced New Zealanders.

Henry’s off to playgroup

Seems he’s getting to a rather boisterous stage.

[Helen] “I thought it’d be good to knock a few corners off.”

I was totally wrong about Helen being a mum. She seems very practical, and very honest about her wee man’s failings (though being stroppy at that age isn’t exactly a failing!).

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